Reassurance from Beyond  

rm_mieze626 52F
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7/18/2005 12:40 pm

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Reassurance from Beyond

Many years ago I lost my husband after a bad fight with cancer. One year later I went home to visit my parents. The first night I went to bed and woke up stun and with tears in my eyes. I was walking around like I saw a ghost, and yes indeed I did. My husband came into my dreams to let me know that he is doing great, no more pain, no more struggle, in a better place. He looked so happy and relieved...he was really there, I felt him, I smelled was sooooo scary, but it was a wonderful feeling...I just can't describe it...
Now here is my question:
Have you ever experienced a lost loved one or a close friend contacting you from the other side? And if he/she did, how did it make you feel? Do you believe in the life after?

cutecrip 47M

7/19/2005 9:00 am

I believe that there are souls at unrest and they are what we would call ghosts or spirits. Also, believing in God also opens the belief of demons. Not the hollywood type with leathery skin and big bulbous yellow eyes that breath hideous smelling vapors....

I was once visited by my grandmother at a time when my life didn't seem worth living. Her vision and God's intervention is why I'm still here today. I felt relieved after the vision because I felt responsible for her death and her letting me know she was OK helped me heal.
Stay well, One love and God bless!

five_speed 41M

7/20/2005 2:20 pm

Some times I have heard some one close to me scream my name as I slept, and it wakes me everytime with a racing heart and sweat instantly on my face. Sometimes it is nothing, and sometimes they need me. I can't explain it.

Additionally, when I was in the Army, and several times afterwards, I often felt a presence near me right before something bad happened, some times to the extent of it feeling like something was pushing or pulling me out of harm's way. I asked my father about it, and he said it was the same for him in 'Nam. He's convinced it is my great grandfather. I can't say one wayor the other.

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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7/25/2005 10:41 am

dead people talk to me quite often, send me messages for other people and the like, but the only time it was someone i know was my grandfather ... it's not always possible to pass messages on tho, because some people freak out ...

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