The Couples room in Gastonia  

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12/7/2005 11:47 pm

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The Couples room in Gastonia

Our first experience has taken place. We went into an adult theatre in Gastonia, looking to buy an adult video. We found out that they had these other rooms and were invited to look them over. It was exiting and a little scary, it seemed as if this place might only be for gay men. We saw a couples room (it was empty), the guy at the counter told us to come back after dark,and that would all change. We did come back (about 3 days later). Karen and I decided to go see if the place was real, and see what would happen. She had a few drinks to loosen up first. When we arrived and went into the room there were 3 other couples in there and nobody was doing anything except watching the porno on the big screen. After about 10 really long minutes I thought we would leave, when I noticed that the couple across from us was kissing and fondling each other a little. The mood of the room began to grow and I started kissing Karen and playing with her a little on top of the clothes. The door opened and I think I maight have bolted off the love seat we were on, and embarrisngly noticed that the other couples found this amusing. Things began to heat up after that and it didnt take long before I had Karen sitting on my Lap with her skirt completely up and my pants around my ankles. I have to admit that we were soooo turned on knowing we were being watched by the other couples in the room. I knew that they could see us in full penetration and I was high on the eroticism that we seemed to be creating. There was one more couple that came in and did not have a place to sit and were going to sit on the floor. I told them that we could make room for them and so they sat next to us with Karen on my lap and his girl on his. I saw that his girl was looking at Karen very intently and every once in a while her hand would brush against Karens thigh. She put her feet up on my leg and sat facing us. I saw her move her hand closer to us, and even though I was nervous about what her guy thought about all this, I gently took her hand and placed it on Karens belly. She began to rub on Karens breasts and eventually massaged her way around her back and began to rub her clit from behind. She would alternate rubbing Karens clit and rubbing my cock, sometimes making penetration with her fingers, Karen was breathing and moaning so heavy that I knew she was loving every second of it. We came so hard in that room I have to place it as one of the best sexual encounters that I have ever had. After we got up and left the room we hung around outside for a while thinking that the couple waould come out and talk, but they did not. I felt a little bad about that, not that they didnt come out , but that we just left assuming they would follow us. I was a little to embarresed to go back in then. Karen has never kissed another woman and says that she wont and that she wont give oral sex to another woman. But she said that now she wants to and will receive oral. We knew that this encounter was sparking a bigger journey for us and we are excited about what will come next. Oh by the way the video we bought there sucked and wasnt worth the money, but the experience was awesome!!

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1/4/2006 9:25 am

where is gastonia and what is the name of that place. It sounds like something my girl and I would really really enjoy. Glad to hear you guys had so much fun

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