which is easier?  

rm_micro_nc 60M
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5/6/2005 9:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

which is easier?

is it easier for a married man to have a relationship with a married lady or a single lady. have had 2 experiences and have my opinion but would like yours.

wyvernrose 38F
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5/7/2005 2:29 am

single ladies are easier unless the married ladies have an open relationship, but in that case the problem is usually where unless the guy is also single.... some couples get one sitter and all the kids have a sleepover while the parents are in the other home, I dunno alot of factors go into it...


leyndokona2 49F

5/7/2005 3:58 am

That must depend on what he's looking to get out of the relationship. I've heard people say that married men prefer married women since there is less chance they will get obsessive or tell on them if things go wrong. But since I've never been a married man (or any kind of man) I don't even try to understand them.

Ecaffine 52F

5/7/2005 5:33 am

it is easier for the woman if she`s married as well.A married man can not give a single woman what she needs and yes i am talking about the sex here,not emotional ties.

rm_micro_nc 60M
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5/8/2005 9:44 am

what I have found in my 2 relationships when the lady was married is that when the lady is married she loves the thrill of someone other than her husband paying attention to her. she may not be getting the attention she needs at home and therefore is vulnerable for an outside affair. but if the marriage ends, while it is nice for her to have her lover to comfort her, as soon as it gets to divorce time they realize they don't have to sneak around anymore and desire to see eligible men. this has happened to me but I understand their reasoning. so i do step aside with much sorrow since I figure I can't force someone to continue to be in my life. what are the thoughts on this type of situation? thanks...

racecarly 50F
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5/9/2005 11:48 am

Well, from the married lady's side...I have not been fulfilled in my marriage for about 2 yrs. and I have had 2 affairs-1 married & 1 single (actually recently seperated, but she left him!). The married one became obsessive and his wife started calling me at home & on my cell. The single one left me because he wanted someone he could take home to Mamma and to church and not worry about a wedding ring mark on her finger... So, now I like everyone else wonders what the next chapter in my story will be since I have asked the hubby to move out and will I want a single man or one in a comitted relationship?....

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