When She Wins You Win!  

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1/25/2006 10:27 pm

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When She Wins You Win!

I love to please a lady, and the sight of her face and body arching and moving when you have her at the point where she wants to explode and she lets herself go its a beautiful thing! I like to call it, "megalpixel perfect!!"

Most men and woman will agree that, " the greatest rewards come from conquering a difficult situation". This on line dating website can sometimes be a glorious experience or a horrific one. The key is to know that from the start, don't get your expectations up, this is an opportunity to meet new people and to do that you have to participate. Its funny I was chatting with a friends from work about this on line network and she said, "that the people I have meet are far outgoing then some of the guys I have dated." That is one of the beautiful things about sites like this it takes away all the inhibitors that people normally have and make them turn into on line vibrators of words and sexy innuendos!! Enlighten the thought of her wanting you to make her feel like she has just won best sexy woman show everyday! Sexy comments are a must and lame same o same o are out. Woman really don't have to put up with our 5min of pleasing ourselves mentality, they can can cancel out your 5 minutes of pleasure with an on line trip to the vibrator store. Make sure you please her in more ways then one, dick, fingers, tongue, your feet and toes if you have to to make her go to work the next day tired as hell and excited from pleasure. Hell we will all put our foot in our mouth now and then and make a mistake on this website it is just like anything else in life, but don't stop there, you have to participate to be adorned.
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