A Letter for Lito  

rm_mg6191000 43F
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5/26/2006 3:23 am
A Letter for Lito

Hi! Almost a year when you first email me a note together with your cell number. I never thought of being connected with you. I hate myself of being attached to you until now, maybe because you're the first one I met here at AAF and who taught me to know the word I Love You Again. Every time we see each other thru NET, you always tell me that word, while you push me to say that word to you too...and its really hard because I dont know what I really feels for you at those times.
I thought you're out of my life then, but here you go again, why do you have to view my profile, what do you want me to say and do.
Please stop playing with my feelings, you know that you already got me....whole.
I know where i should stand.....But everytime you checked on me...I become lost again and hoping you contact me, inspite of all that i change my cell number, and telephone. My email is still the same if you want to talk to me.
Honestly, I still think of you.................In short, I Really MISS YOU GUY!


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