Personality....who cares?  

rm_mexinSA 46M
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6/22/2006 10:46 pm
Personality....who cares?

what kind of man am i?

am i the macho, woman domineering guy, who wants it his way all the time?


am i sports guy who loves sports above all things and will ignore his gf just to watch the big cowboys game on tv?


am i "love my car" guy who just puts thousands of dollars into his ride with rims and stereos and hydraulics, pampering it more than the woman in his life?


am i "geek guy" who would rather play Halo with his geeky fat nerdherd through a whole weekend, than take his girl out to some hideaway and make sweet sweet love all day long?


am i "let's just fuck" guy who just wants to put a notch in his belt and taste another fine young thing, get his dick wet again.


am i "suave, rich guy" who has a mansion in the hills, carefully tailored clothes, and knows brand names of everything he's wearing and would like to dress his girl like he would dress a barbie doll.



it's hard to pinpont what i am personality-wise.

i'm closest to the strong silent type kinda mold.

i'm a chatty cathy with really close friends but in other social gatherings i merely stay quiet and observe.

i don't run at the mouth at all and when i do have something to say it's something that i have thought out carefully in my head before i utter it.

a real close friend once told me that my personality was best described by a warner bros. cartoon. the cartoon where that frumpy dude finds a box that has a frog in it. he opens the box and the frog jumps out and sings and dances with a can and a top hat..."hello my baby, hello my darling....!!"

the guy thinks he's gonna make millions showing this singing frog around. but each time he opens the box up around strangers, the frog just sits there and does nothing, except croak "ribbit".

the guy basically goes nuts, trying to show this awesome singing frog around but it never performs in public, only to him.

i think i'm that frog.

in public i'm quiet and serene and thoughtful.

in private and if i trust you enough, i'm chatty, goofy, funny and will talk your ear off.

go figure. i'm a frog that needs a big smooch to be a prince, lol. any takers?

mentally, i'm not too conservative (otherwise i wouldn't be here) and i'm not too liberal. i fall in between and jump from side to side as i see fit.

i don't get angry easily. it takes A LOT to push me over the edge, i'm ridiculously patient with everything except stupidity. stupidity annoys me.

i'm a sponge for all types of knowledge. science, biology, trivia, movies, music. i remember the weirdest things.

i like to be surrounded by comfortable things. friends. comfy pillows. soft comforters. i like cotton and soft, clean smelling clothes.

mmm, there's more things i'm probly forgetting. more later this weekend.

take care folks!

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