It has to start somewhere...  

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6/3/2006 10:21 pm

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It has to start somewhere...

this is like an experiment almost. trying to see what this internet medium is like.

does it really break down barriers? is it easier for men to talk to women now and vice versa?

can we go online and make a laundry list of what we want and have that fulfilled?

so, i guess it begins with talking about why am i here and how i got here...

my marriage is over. legally my status is separated, but as far as emotionally, morally, and any other word-ally you can think of, it's over.

i have been physically separated since february 2006, the weekend right before fuckin valentine's day. go figure.

emotionally, i was separated about a year, maybe two years before that. there's no hate, no bad karma, just two people who drifted apart and went their own ways.

i can understand the women on here who want no part of a guy like me, status "separated", because there might be lingering "drama". my drama is just previous obligations. mostly money things, bills that need to get paid, accounts that need to be closed. once that is done, the signature goes on the dotted line and i am "legally" single.

but i've felt single and alone now for over two years. i'm not an experienced swinger/internet sex god.

i'm learning as i go along.

i saw this site and decided to fork some dough out and try it for a couple of months, for a couple of reasons. one--just base male testosterone, shit, after a couple of months without a real live woman next to you, you start going nuts! and masturbation gets really old, really fast. porn gets boring. magazines stale.

there is nothing like a live, warm, soft, sexy woman close to you, skin touching skin.

two--i was curious as to the nature of the internet and how it helps many socially challenged people, or if you're not socially challenged, how you can use it as a tool to narrow down and sift through the riff raff to get what you want.

so i signed up and have been roamin around for a couple of days.

i've noticed several things...

the fake spammer bots are annoying. getting easier to spot, though. usually have pics that look glossy and just ripped out of a penthouse mag. men--young, hot model looking chicks will not go to bed with you because you pay money to look at their pay website with "private" pictures for friends only.

a lot of woman profiles have this phrase "i'm not changing my life, i'm....." and many actually read just like each other. makes me wonder if women all think alike, or if there is some grammar or profile tool that tries to fix whatever they wrote to make them more appealing to us guys.

guys are quick to snap pics of their weiners and publicly display them, much to the chagrin of many women with more sensible natures. i've read many profiles with the phrase "don't send me cock pics!!" guys never write, "don't send me pussy pics please!"

women write that they want somebody who is disease free. isn't that a given? i don't think i've seen a profile where the woman WANTS somebody who has a disease.

more insights later, time for another beer....

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