Part 4: We better open the windows, it's getting hot in here!  

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Part 4: We better open the windows, it's getting hot in here!

From the studio W/we can faintly hear the sounds of the band's talking and laughter. i wonder if W/we will get busted right here in the kitchen? i then realize that if it is not a concern for my Metal Master then it is not a concern for me, i trust Him completely. i hear His studded belt hit the floor tile, mmmmm i know His jeans are off now! i can feel His fingers upon me slowly parting my legs. He gently kisses the insides of each of my thighs, licking lightly with the tip of His tongue, licking higher and higher, making my insides quiver from wanting Him so. I can feel His breathing, hot against my wet lips, as He takes each lip into His mouth one by one, sucking gently and teasing me like mad! His mouth bites it's way to my hard clitoris, where He places His tongue firmly against it and holds it there for a few seconds to tease some more, and it's working! i'm trying so hard not to fly off the table with the intense pleasure He gives me! He flicks His tongue back and forth very lightly, He swirls it all over my rock hard button until i can barely stand another second. He pulls back slightly and speaks in a low, deep, forceful voice that is almost a whisper "I want you, My pet! you turn Me on so much, I cannot wait another second to be inside of you!! Almost out of breath i respond "PLEASE, PLEASE give it to me now! You are so loving Master, You do crazy things to me!!" He begins to rub His rock hard manhood against me, in circles, so slowly, so teasingly around my waiting pussy lips. He pushes the head of His cock inside of me just a little, and pauses there for a second savoring the feel of O/our bodies joined together as one. i feel Him place both hands on my hips, gripping firmly as He slowly pushes His cock all the way inside of me, right to the bottom where He pauses again. "How would you like this My sexy pet, slow and steady or would you prefer a faster pace?" i am suprised by the question, for when my Metal Master asks me to assume the position W/we usually go at His pace. It only takes me a second to realize where W/we are and the answer He is expecting to hear. "PLEASE, PLEASE MASTER!! i am begging You to fuck me hard and fast, just this once...PLEASE!" He pulls back quickly, until just a few inches of His delicious cock are inside of me. He leans back slightly and slaps my ass hard three times, making my cheeks turn bright red and sting! On the first slap, I bite my tongue and try not to flinch, wondering if i have displeased Him somehow. my Metal Master speaks to me in a quiet, gentle tone "My sweet, beloved pet! Must I keep reminding you over and over? You are My good girl, you are the only one for Me, you have My heart. When W/we join our minds, souls and bodies as one it is NOT fucking!! No matter how hard, fast or rough it gets. Remember that, always." With that He slams His cock all the way inside of me, pulls out fast and slams it in again. "Does this feel cheap or dirty or sinister?" Right away i reply " No it doesn't Master!! This is not fucking, it is wonderful, beautiful, like heaven!" He smiles, pleased. "MMMMMMM Very good, My pet!" He continues to pound me with His hot cock, hard and fast, moving His right hand underneath me to stroke my clit, His left hand holding onto my left hip for support as He thrusts. When He touches my clit i almost cum instantly, but i clamp my vaginal muscles down very hard in an effort to hold back my orgasm until i have permission to let it loose. He can feel my pussy tense and tighten, He knows i am close! He leans forward, driving His hard cock even deeper inside me, He entwines my long hair around the fingers of His left hand and pulls my head back to whisper "Not yet!" i cannot speak at this point, i'm afraid if a single word escapes from my lips that it will send me over the edge! i nod in agreement, trying to obey with every fiber of my being. For several minutes W/we stay at this pace, hard and fast, His cock glistening with my juices each time He pulls back. Each time He thrusts back in He pinches my clit between His thumb and index finger, making me nearly pass out with the incredible sensation! He moves His hand away from my clit and places it upon my right hip and slows the pace of O/our lovemaking down to about half of what it just was. He runs His fingertips up and down my thighs, first concentrating on the outer area, then over to the inner thigh, where His fingertips discover a small stream of juices starting to run down. i hear Him groan in pleasure and i know it pleases Him to know that He excites me so! He traces small patterns with His fingertips in the wet spot on my inner thigh before He moves back to my clit, which is now swollen and throbbing. His fingers are nicely lubricated with my juices and move easily across my button, driving me insane with pleasure! my Metal Master's breathing is raspy and rapid, my breaths are in near perfect time with His, W/we are both covered in a thin layer of sweat. i thrust my hips back, driving my pussy onto His hard cock, driving it deeper with each thrust. i can feel His cock throbbing and starting to swell inside of me. A moan of total pleasure escapes my lips as He once again pinches my clit between His fingers, He knows I am very close. He speaks to me firmly, in a voice full of lust "NOW My pet!!! I command you to cum NOW!" With that last word He thrusts a little harder, manipulating my clit roughly between His fingers. i'm lost in the moment, unaware of my surroundings, unaware of all else but Him! My lips and vaginal muscles begin to spasm violently around His cock, my moans of pleasure are almost screams as the orgasm rocks my body from head to toe! His swollen cock is throbbing inside of me, twitching hard, His moans of ecstasy mingling with mine as W/we cum together in harmony. A few minutes later, W/we are both panting, covered in sweat, trying to catch O/our breath! i can feel Him lovingly running His hands over the contours of my butt and hips, up and down my thighs as He pulls out of me. i collapse onto the table, listening to the sounds of Him pulling His jeans back on. "Please come to Me, My beautiful pet." i climb off the table to stand before my Metal Master, who is gazing deep into my eyes. Looking into His dark, sexy eyes i can see my future and it makes my heart pound out of my chest! His gaze is full of appreciation and love as He gathers me into His arms, giving me a slow, passionate kiss. He lightly strokes my cheek with the back of His fingers and runs His other hand through my hair. From the studio W/we hear Scott belt out a long, high pitched screech, which brings us back into the moment. He pulls His lips from mine and kisses me gently on my forehead before He turns toward the studio door. Before He disappears behind the door He looks in my direction and smiles at me warmly, a beautiful, sexy, loving smile, and the look in His eyes melts my heart!

OK!! One, maybe two more chapters cumming soon!

Sorceror07 54M

1/8/2006 11:46 am

your Master is very VERY pleased, and needs to take a cold shower now.

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

rm_metalmama69 42F
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1/8/2006 8:58 am

Thank you my Simon! I will, for I've been inspired!

9Simon9 66M
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1/8/2006 6:55 am

Good writing, 'Mama; keep up the good work.

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