Part 1: Bacardi 151, Metal Madness and black leather...  

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12/28/2005 9:12 pm

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Part 1: Bacardi 151, Metal Madness and black leather...

I'm not mad, I'm not unhappy, I'm not insecure, I'm not depressed, I'm not drunk and I'm not going to pick that bottle up again. I recently learned a lesson or two there. First, Bacardi 151 is not necessarily my friend! He comes on great and strong, then leaves me feeling empty and sick. Second, those I care about seem to be very pleased when I leave it alone. I do not get violent or silly or stupid when I consume. I tend to get thirsty, thirsty for the one thing I must drink daily... I usually crave more metal, HARD, RAW, LOUD, IN YOUR FACE, VIBRATING SO HARD THAT I HAVE TO FINISH THE JOB METAL. This is not a bad thing, not at all! But I don't need Bacardi to make me forget lyrics or sing off key. This is a travesty to my Metal Gods, a travesty to my Metal Master, a travesty to my metal self. And I must be true to all 3 (ESPECIALLY my Master hehehe) for if I'm not then metal madness will surely set in! And I cannot allow metal madness to set in yet, for today I made a trip to the leather store, they were having a clearance sale and I went a bit overboard! And if metal madness sets in, I might forget to wear my new outfit for my Metal Master. My new, wonderful, ultra sexy, ultra METAL black leather outfit that I shall wear for him very soon. My friends, as I was trying this outfit on in the dressing room, I could picture him there with me, his back turned away from me, I have asked him not to look until I have the outfit on. I get it in place and ask him to turn to me. I look him straight in the eye as he turns so I do not miss a second of his reaction, for I know my Metal Master will be knocked off his leather boots by the sight of me in this outfit! His eyes grow huge, as large as saucers upon the sight of his pet in this naughty black leather outfit. I hear him inhale sharply, and hold his breath, he looks as if he is about to pass out! I innocently ask "Are you ok Master? Are you displeased, for I only want you to be happy?" I notice that his dark sexy eyes are drinking me in from head to toe! He exhales and sweeps me into his arms, his hot lips hungry for mine. I bite and nibble at his lips as his hands eagerly explore the soft leather outfit that looks almost as if it is painted upon my body. A wanton moan of pleasure escapes him as he slips his hands under the outfit feeling the intense heat and wetness below. His breathing becomes hard and fast as his fingers toy with me, teasing me, bringing me right to the edge but not letting me cum yet. He then picks me up off the floor in his strong arms, his tongue swirling with mine, and he places me on the dressing room bench, standing tall upon it in my leather stiletto boots. He looks me straight in the eye and in a fevered, husky voice he growls "Are you ready for what lies ahead, my pet?" I nod, unable to speak!!! He flashes me his most wicked, sexual grin before he slowly removes the outfit from my body, looking me in the eye the whole time, leaving me wearing nothing more than my boots and leather spiked choker collar. He gently spreads my legs, lightly stroking my thighs up and down, teasing me to the point of metal madness! My hands tightly grip the chrome hangers on the wall as I feel his breath upon my thighs, slowly moving upward, using his hot tongue to tease my skin. And then he stops! I open my eyes to see him smile up at me, a gleam in his eye. "Are you sure you are ready for what I have in store for you? Have you been a good girl, my pet?" Breathlessly, I respond "Yes Master! I am ready for anything you wish to do to me! I have been a very good girl, I wish nothing more than to please you, Master!" He smiles devilishly, very pleased. "Very well then. This is your reward for being my good girl. Your reward for knowing exactly which outfit I, myself would have chosen for you. Enjoy, my pet, you may reciprocate later." " Oh, Thank you Master!" I respond. At that point my Metal Master grabs me by my ass cheeks roughly, not painfully, but deliciously. He then burys his face in me, driving me insane with his tongue! In about a minute I am ready, for my Metal Master knows how to play me like a fine vintage Les Paul. He knows I am close, he then bites my throbbing clit hard, just how I like it! He twirls it and pulls it with his teeth knowing this will send me over the edge. My orgasm is long and powerful, making my head swim with swirling colors and images. As I am catching my breath, I faintly hear Led Zeppelin playing from the leather store's radio, it is the song Thank You, my favorite. I smile and open my eyes to thank my Metal Master, but to my suprise I am alone! My hair is desheveled and my fingers are sticky. Ah, what a fantasy! It is at that point that I realize that this is the perfect outfit for me. I get dressed quickly, eager to get home to model my sexy new black leather outfit for my Metal Master!

rm_metalmama69 42F
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12/29/2005 10:46 am

(She responds in a low, wicked, wanton voice...)You have two weeks to find them, Master!

Sorceror07 54M

12/29/2005 9:11 am

just you wait, my pet... for you've gotten me -- hell bent, hell bent for leather! ...hell bent, hell bent for leather! as night faster than a shadow... as of fire from a raging sun, an exposition for retribution, no one knows from where he comes!

now... where'd my boots go?

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

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