My 100th post! A gift to you, Part 5 of my naughty tale of love, lust and leather!  

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My 100th post! A gift to you, Part 5 of my naughty tale of love, lust and leather!

The chiming of the clock wakes me from my daydream. It's 9 o'clock!! i've been riveted to this spot for more than 15 minutes, staring at the place where He just smiled at me, where He just took my breath away. i smile softly to myself, realizing what i was dreaming of, hoping for, wanting so desperately that i could not move! "Patience girl!" i laugh out loud to myself before hitting the shower to get cleaned up and ready for my Metal Master's return. i step into the shower, the water is very hot and steam has already coated the mirrors. i wash my make up off first, most of it had smeared from sweat. i lather up my loofah and start at my ankles, swirling the loofah in circles slowly up the back of my leg, around to my shin, then to my knee. i circle the loofah around to the back side of my knee, the place where my Metal Master loves to kiss me. Just the thought of His lips upon me immediately sends a shiver of delight through my loins and makes my nipples rock hard! i continue up to my hip with the loofah before i move on to my next leg, following the same pattern. i move up to my stomach, still in slow circles, creating alot of lather. i do my arms and reach around to my back before putting the loofah back on it's hook. i put both hands on my stomach, swirling the lather around, slowly moving my hands upward to my breasts. my fingers trace lightly against my nipples, making them erect. i pinch them and twirl them between my fingers, feeling the wetness begin to form again between my legs. "STOP! Save it for your Master!" i speak out loud, reminding myself to get a move on before i start playing and lose track of time again. i dry off and head to O/our bedroom to dress. It only takes a few moments to slip into my outfit. i walk to the mirror to check out my reflection and i know my Metal Master will be VERY pleased! i'm wearing a black leather teddy with garters, adorned with silver studs at the seams, black opaque thigh high stockings with leather trim that lace up the back with leather ties and black stiletto heels with leather straps that wrap around my ankles and calves. i do my hair and make up very quickly and put on some jewelry, including my black leather spiked choker collar to accentuate the look. i check out my reflection again and i'm very happy with the final results. He has seen me in some naughty outfits thru the years but this one in particular has them all beat by a long shot! It's 9:45pm and i hear the band coming up from the studio. i light some candles and incense and put some music on. i choose to play Nickelback's newest album, All The Right Reasons, even though it is not exactly metal enough for O/our taste, it is a kick ass album and there is something about this music that makes me hot and turns me into a wild child! The guys are in the kitchen talking over some issues relating to the new album they are in the process of recording. They all sound so happy, so at peace and this pleases me very much. These guys have become like a second family to me and i only want to see them all happy. "How should i sit?" i wonder aloud as the guys continue to chat in the kitchen. Then, a very wicked and naughty idea pops into my head, one that i know will knock my Metal Master's boots off! i reach into my dresser and grab my black furry handcuffs. i cuff my left hand to the rail my Master installed at the head of O/our bed. Now i have quite a dilemma!! How am i going to get my right hand cuffed to the rail?! i twist myself around backwards in an awkward position and i am able to cuff my right wrist to the rail using my left hand. It was a little easier than i anticipated. i lean my back against the wall and my head against the rail with my arms outstretched on either side of me. i angle my torso slightly to the right, leaving my left leg straight and placing my right heel upon my shin. The kitchen seems quiet, the guys must have all just left. i hear Matt start his Harley and exit the driveway in a thundering roar of power as he leans into the throttle when he hits the street. my Metal Master is moving about the kitchen, probably getting some food, thinking i am fast asleep after O/our encounter in the kitchen! As i wait patiently, i try to imagine what His reaction will be and i feel my nipples growing very hard under the black leather teddy. How i wish i could slip my hand between my legs until my Metal Master arrives! Just one quick orgasm to ease the sexual tension that has built into a hot raging fire in my clitoris! Making it swell and throb with the sweet anticipation of His touch, of the feel of His tongue licking me, His fingers expertly finding and toying with my G spot, His teeth biting my clit until the orgasm ravages my body, leaving me a quivering mass upon O/our bed!! But i am not to wait long, i hear the familiar sound of His boots coming down the hallway, clicking loudly against the hardwood floor. He opens the door very slowly, trying not to awaken me. He enters O/our bedroom and stops dead in His tracks! i hear Him suck in His breath very loudly and He blinks His dark and sexy eyes very rapidly, as if He cannot believe what He is seeing...........

The final chapter is done and will be posted in a day or two!

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1/26/2006 10:13 am

Thank you Nick, PK and Doc! I'm always happy to see you have visited! The last chapter is SMOKIN hot....better wear a T shirt!

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1/25/2006 9:32 pm

I'd leave a comment, but it's hard for me to type with one hand!

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

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Congrats on #100! *HUG*

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

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Come into my realm! You aren't afraid...are you?

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mmmmmm! You will see Master! No need to read, for very soon i will show You

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1/25/2006 6:48 pm

2 words... oh! my god... no, 3 words... oh! my f'n god... ok, 4 words... oh god help me now!.... ok... it was 5

i cannot wait to see what's next, my pet

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