Life can be beautiful, even when it bites!  

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12/7/2005 5:31 am

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Life can be beautiful, even when it bites!

There are days it is hard to be happy. Days when it seems like everything and everyone around you are conspiring together to bring you down. Days where you just want to give up and take the easy road. Days where you just want to say screw it all and eat a whole cheesecake! But I shall stick to the road less traveled. I will fight the good fight, and I will win, for I have to! This is my destiny. I was not put here to be fat, or unhappy, or depressed, or trapped in a no win situation forever. There is a whole world out there full of wonderful, amazing experiences and people that has basically passed me by for far too many years. I'm ready to explore it all, sexually and otherwise! I'm ready to blow the world away by breaking free from Redneckville and taking the world by storm. I'm ready to break free from the walls that have held my heart in check for so long, to finally give my heart freely and openly to that one special person who deserves to be loved unconditionally for whom they are. I'm ready to be truly happy for the first time! Is it you? Are you that one person in a million who touches my soul like no other? Are you the one who can look into my eyes and see your soul inside of me? Are you ready to be truly happy? I know you are out there in this world! Find me, for I wait patiently....

Sorceror07 54M

12/7/2005 8:56 am

life is always beautiful, no matter the trials and tribulations we are subjected to. life is a journey and not a destination, it's ok to stop for a rest along the way or to fix a flat tire but never stop moving forward. is NOT an easy road sometimes.

as for happiness, we are responsible for our own happiness, it is a gift that you give to yourself, therefore DO what makes you happy. not because it makes someone else happy, not because you are pressured to, not because you feel this and that about doing it... but because it will make you happy.... live your life for yourself and do whatever it takes just do it and keep on keeping on

i recently told my best friend, who was in a bad state concerning a situation of unrequited love, there are over 4.5 billion woman on this planet, surely there is at least a few dozen others out there that you could be happy with, within a few weeks after that he found one... or actually, they stumbled across each other in a flea market while he was looking for some Saxon cd's lol! i would say the same for you too, for there are over 4 billion men out there too.... if you are ready, he will appear. that is how it seems to work, i don't know why perhaps it's just kharmic destiny. sometimes it's meant to be, sometimes it's meant to last, sometimes its not meant to last but it is what it is, and we never know until we've passed through time with it and watched it unfold.

i know the one you wait for patiently is out there, i'm positive of that! just take it day by day and keep the faith

rock on! ,'..'


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