A day in the life....  

rm_metalmama69 42F
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6/28/2006 8:18 am

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11/30/2006 7:30 am

A day in the life....

Things have been CRAZY here at La Villa Strangiato. It has rained everyday for almost a week. I have a leak in the seal of my car's windshield and the rain comes in and settles on the floorboard on the driver's side. So, everyday I'm mopping up water. The rain doesn't stop long enough for me to open the windows & dry it out. So, as you can imagine, it smells REAL pretty in my car right now!

My job is going very well and I just LOVE it!!! The best advice I could give anyone reading this blog is this: If you are unhappy at work, figure out what makes you happy and go for it! I know it is much easier said then done, but in the end it is so worth it.

Sorceror07and I have been going thru an adjustment period since moving in together. I won't lie, it has not always been easy. You never truly know someone until you live together. Yeasterday I had some things on my mind and laid it all out on the table. After much talking and working thru it all we are stronger today then we were yesterday. Open, honest, clear communication is the key. We are so lucky to be able to communicate and find common ground. We are both trying to make this work and it will, because we both want it and are both willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.

I've been suffering from foot on mouth disease lately! hehe! You know, saying the wrong things when you meant something else. I never did claim to have a grasp on the English language! LOL! Oh well...anyone who truly knows me knows that I would not intentionally hurt anyone on purpose. That is good enough for me and the reast of the world can kiss my cute little ass!

We are having an "Independence Day" party!! Sorceror's divorce will be final very soon, so we plan to celebrate. The ending of a marriage is never a happy thing. So, let me make this clear. We are not celebrating the end of his marriage, we are celebrating his freedom. His ex wife is a wonderful person and the two of them remain good friends and always will be. We both wish her nothing but love and happiness. She is a special person that has a special place in his heart that nobody...not even lil ole me...can fill. So, we will raise our glasses and toast to her happiness and well being too! Freedom is a wonderful thing and we will TEAR IT UP celebrating it!!

So, that is the end of this emergency broadcast. If this had been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed to remove your clothing and do a naked happy dance around blogland. What the hell....Do it anyway!!!

rm_cru1972 44M
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7/3/2006 5:34 pm

I'm so very glad you are able to keep posting these wonderful posts. I'm very glad you two have such open communication between yourselves. And very glad to hear you are Liking your job

_Safira 53F
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6/29/2006 9:23 am

DYSGYZED took the words right outta my mouth. Happiness, LOVELIES ... toujours!

Mistress Safira {=}

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cookiequeen1000 53F

6/28/2006 3:34 pm

Happy Independence Day to both of you.

Sorceror07 54M

6/28/2006 10:38 am

tomorrow is my independence day, and i'm thrilled to have you here to celebrate it with me

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ohcurious14 59M
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6/28/2006 10:14 am

I must say hearing this is great news Metalmama69.Keep up the good work.Wishing you and Sorceror all the best as always.

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