not so simple.  

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2/8/2006 2:58 am

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not so simple.

well, first I apologise for my bad english, i am not a really good writter, but I did want it to express my self a little, so here i go.

I never imagine how hard would it be when you decide to share your life with somebady else and to be involve in a serius relation ship till now, i am been married for 2 years and 11 months and not till recently i find out that if i really want it this to be for ever i will have to be really involve and clear with my partner.
I love her, lots , but she nows that i like this little thinks like watching porn, or meeting people in the net, and you wanna now what she did?, well she came to me and says , ok, if is that what is going to make you happy , and you r not gooing to leave me becouse of that, lets be it.
so then after years of hiding this from her, becouse i thought she wouldn't accept it , I was wrong, and now i can do it openly and with her next to me some times.
so you see , she yous gave me the most important lesson in my life and that is how to be suportive and a good partner.
I love her, did I said that already?
but it's true.

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