rm_mehbighands 34M
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6/20/2006 10:20 pm

things are becoming so real...i'm very excited...
so excited i can barely contained it in my inadequately prepared self.

i'm in peril, of exploding(with the aid of dynamite excitement), into a million pieces, bursting into the night air in a cloud of stardust(and by stardust i mean bloody human remains), and precipitate(condensation, brought about by cold wintry air) and rain down on you.

and you'll dance in this rain, getting redder, getting drenched. red from the blood rushing to your cheeks with the activity and to keep your face warm in the cold. red from my ecstatic. still warm blood, eager to touch you and coat you in a fine layer of warmth and kisses.

you'll bounce, from sidewalk to sidewalk, swing yourself 'round streetlights. you'll twirl and spin and delight in this merriment...until you get hit by the one part of me the explosion never managed to render into smithereens. my heart, my intact, yet exploding(it's exploding inside on it's own accord) heart, will come hurtling towards you, smacking on your careless, unprotected head with a loud plop.

and you will dance no more, but lay twitching(both from excitement and spasms), smiling the sweetest, gentlest smile, both arms hugging the still beating heart.

that was my attempt at romance.

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