WTF has Sara been up to? Part 1  

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WTF has Sara been up to? Part 1

January 12, 2006

I guess since it's a new year it would be fun to start a little personal update here. I think they call it a diary somewhere.
New Years was a blast. I performed total Eclipse of the Heart on the Friday nite before New Year's eve. Had a suitor in town from South Carolina to spend the weekend with me. He went to the show to see me.
Then we went out New Years eve with two other gurlfreinds of mine and we saw a bunch of other girls all over town at different clubs including Charlie Brown's.
We ended up the nite at my freind's house as we partied till well after the sun came up!

Still having a great time at a local str8 club every weekend. I met a new freind, a woman who wants to be shopping and partying freinds with me. She's beautiful, divorced, and all her old freinds are married and boring so she tells me.
Marriage CAN make us boring......before I became Sara I must have sat at home on New years eve for too many years to tell u without giving away my age!
Anyway tomorrow my new freind and I will meet for lunch, shopping, and a trip to the nail salon. I think she wants my support in letting her hair down in her life. She wants to turn back the clock I think from conservative woman to sensual vixen. Good for her. Life is short!

Relationships are on my mind right now. My son is having what looks to be a post holiday breakup with his girlfreind. And I got a lukewarm email from a very desireable date I had this week. While I would like a regular lover, and they seem hard to pin down, I can rest in the good news that freedom is a WONDERFUL SITUATION to be in!
Kisses! Sara

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