Terms of endearment  

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1/8/2006 11:09 am

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Terms of endearment

I intend to update this post as I invent or am exposed to new terms and phrases. If somebody passes one of these expressions on to me, I'll give u the credit here!
Some of this stuff goes under the heading of "somebody had to say it......"

1. Transvixen- How I refer to myself. It's not because I'm the hottest gurl EVER.....LOL. I came up with this term because "transvestite", depending on who defines it, is a nebulous umbrella term, and secondly because I don't need somebody else's label on me. I'm just glad to be me!

2. Inside me- I might edit this later. But when someone asks me what my sexual preferences are, I find it difficult to say "I like to be fucked" and sound like anything but a desperate slut. So for now I'll just say "I like to have someone inside me".

3. "You don't have to be passable to be a knockout"- God Bless all the young perfect TG's out there. Or the older perfect ones. But we all know there are very few that can pass the magnifying glass test. So I adopted this little attitude u see above, as a confidence phrase.
And to all u guys who are looking for gurls like us.......If u want perfection, u might have to get out the wallet. Otherwise, it is up to YOU to use your imagination if u want to love one of us. You have to have the right mindset for a relationship with a gurl.
That's why I approach a newbie bi or bi-curious guy with caution. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

4. "Made in" name- LOL. A take off on maiden name. That would be the name my mom gave me. I won't disclose it here, but it is a girl's or guy's name, but mostly for girls. (Think my mom knew something? Wish she would have told me when I was younger!

5. "Bitch from down the street"- A TG gurl who sits in a chat room waiting for some poor shmuck horny guys to come along and say something impolite so she can call him a troll, berate him, embarrass him, and gain praise from the other gurls in the room like some kind of hero.
I say it's wonderful if u want to be a woman inside and out, but did u have to become the bitch from down the street?

6. Bitches boy- A male in the trangender chat room who tries to gain favor with the bitches from down the street by adopting the same behavior.

7. "Doncha wish ur girlfreind was hot like me?"- I have dubbed this song the transvestite National Anthem, while "Its raining men" is still the Drag Queen signature tune.

8. "I love beautiful women so much I became one" -my response when a genetic woman wants to know if I'm bi or gay.

9. "It takes a man like me to love a woman like me" - One of my favorite quotes from a famous rock star.

10. The femininity benefit- For five years leading up to my transformation, I couldn't get the time of day from women (genetic). Now that I am Sara Leonne, however, I find myself surrounded by them when I go to str8 clubs, and places I do business at. From 18 to 48, they love to love me!

grizzleybear1093 33M

1/17/2006 7:23 am

i am new to the ideas of a tv but i like them and i would love to find out how number 2 feels i am from wv though

rm_meetmeinATL 54T
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1/18/2006 5:32 am

Start out with a well luubricated dildo baby, and then if u like it u can move on to safe sex. Don't let your fantasy of having someone cum inside u keep u from safe sex, u can't even feel the cum anyway.
And u need to use a liquid enima to clean yourself out really good before anal sex so u can relax and enjoy it!

rm_queendanso 49M
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7/10/2007 8:24 am

I love the idea even though i do not understand. How can you teach me some of this ideas-transves, dildo, TG, and things like this.
Be kind to me dear.

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