Amazing Grace  

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Amazing Grace

I'm prepared for a little backlash as I write this note.As I said in my first blog, I'm new to the life, and I want to share something that has surprised me, and by my being surprised about it I may be judged myself to be either naive, judgemental or even previously bigoted.............

The subject is spirituality. I am a born again Christian myself, and am still struggling to square my ironclad belief in Jesus, and the word of God with my new lifestyle.
Of course being a student of the Bible, (14 credits shy of a degree in theology), I know all the scriptural pros, cons, ins and outs concerning sexuality.
Having said all that, this entry is just to share my observations of spirituality inside the gay and transgender world.
I first noticed this spirituality at a drag show a while back when a couple of gurls departed from the sassy fare of music we all associate with drag and did some gospel numbers. As they started performing I was taken aback, and then to my surprise many in the audience responded positively with their actions and their money.
Since then I have learned how many people in the alternative lifestyle, as well as just the "mainstream" drinkers and hell raisers still have a spiritual base in their souls.
I see it all the time, from the crossdresser who is a deacon and choir member, to the transvestite who openly expresses her deep faith, to the piano bar performer last nite who took 20 minutes out of his regular routine to share his faith in the lord and challenge the audience to discuss the Lord and even sing Amazing grace together, all at 2:30 in the morning with bellies full of beer.
If u read this and care to share your thoughts with me, please do, I'll admit all non-God hating comments to my site.
Being a bisexual transvixen and being at peace with Jesus is definitely a challenge right now for me. I wonder who else out there has a depth of understanding about spirituality in the gay life they would like to share....
Kisses, Sara Leonne

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