Fantasy #1 (turns out to be more of a story)  

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Fantasy #1 (turns out to be more of a story)

I sat back in my office chair, my legs resting on the desk. The envelope has been sitting there for days now but I hadn't had the courage to open it yet. I just know my wife, who had now become part of my monthly bill stack for a year now sued my ass for not paying the alimony. No matter how hard I screamed at the judge that the bitch left me he still thought I had to pay. Later my lawyer told me it was because I screamed at the judge I had to pay alimony. I never paid him either.

Business was down and I decided it was time to get a beer at the bar right down the street. I walked passed the mirror on the way out. "The years start to show old man" I whispered at the image.

Of course humidity had to go through the roof today so when I opened the door at Jimmies’s it felt like the thick smoke actually stuck to my body. The bar was dark and the in the background you could hear John Coltraine pouring his heart out to anyone who would listen. I pointed at the bar in front of me as I sat down and threw down a twenty. Silently the bar tender put down a whisky in front of me. I scanned the bar a bit as I sipped my drink. There where a few people sitting at the other end of the bar engaged in, what seemed to be a serious conversation. Behind them a young couple where sitting in a booth. She was obviously arguing with him but he was just sitting there, slouching, one arm hanging over the booth, straight faced, pretending not to hear her. I concentrated on my drink again while John Coltraine started playing Stella by starlight.

While I was enjoying Coltraine playing his sax the door opened. In the back light a dark siloed threw down a shadow on the floor. The high heeled figure approached the bar and as she got closer I noticed the intense beauty. Her tight dress hugged her body so close that she almost seemed naked. She looked out of place here but then again you never know in this town. She sat down three stools away from me and I heard her order a white Russian. I made her out to be around twenty five, twenty eight at the most. She put the glass at her lips and when she put the glass down our eyes met. She gave me a faint smile but she looked bored. She killed the white Russian in no time and ordered an other one. I must have looked amazed at the rate she downed the drink because out of the blue she said: “I have a reason to drink” and she gave me a bright smile.

“What’s your name?” she asked me.
“Martin, Martin Rasker”
“Do you mind some company Mr. Martin Martin Rasker” She didn’t wait for an answer, knowing every man would love her company.
“Can I buy you an other drink...”
“Lisa” she filled in “I’ll have an other one of these”
“So what’s the reason?” I asked
“Reason...? Oh, my reason to drink. Well I just arrived in this town, it’s my birthday, and I have only myself to celebrate with. What’s yours, sexy?”
“Does one need a reason to drink?” I replied “and what’s up with the sexy, I’m old enough to be your father”
“Maybe I need a daddy” and she gave me this sexy smile I suspected she had practiced in front of the mirror many times but it made my head spin anyway.
We had a few drink together and I decided it was time to go home.
“Well, Lisa I enjoyed your company but I need to go.”
“To the wife and children no doubt” Lisa smiled again.
“I had a wife but believe me, she and her new boyfriend wouldn’t want me anywhere near them. Maybe I did have a reason to drink after all”
“What do you do for a living Martin? You look like a cop.”
And there it was. All the time I thought this young beautiful woman, who looked like she just walked of the cover of some magazine was just looking for someone to talk to, turned out to be a hooker scared to be busted by a potential cop.
“Don’t worry about it kid, I’m not a cop”
All of a sudden her eyes filled with fire “What the fuck Rasker, just because I ask if you’re a cop you think I’m some cheap whore looking for a trick? You really have a way with women Rasker. . You seem like the nicest guy but you turn out to be just an other asshole. I understand why your wife left you”.
“Hey that’s a cheap shot”
“Calling me a fucking whore is rich?”
“It’s just.. Hey I’m sorry. Maybe I should learn to count my blessings next time”
“Maybe you should Rasker”
“I never called you a whore though. It’s just in the back of my head I was wondering why woman like you would want to talk to a man like me and when you asked if I was a cop...”
“You assumed I was a hooker. That’s nice Rasker. Anyway I think you underestimate yourself. You’re not a bad looking man at all. In fact I wasn’t lying when I called you sexy”
“What are you having for dinner Rasker?” she asked after a little pause
“What ever the Chinese decides to fix for me”
“Got more booze at home?” She asked and I just nodded.
“Well let’s go” She planted both her hands decisively on the bar and got up.
“What are you waiting for Rasker? Just count your blessings”


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