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8/27/2006 8:50 am
Summer vacations


This year's 15-day summer vacation was divided between Tunisia and Lagonissi (a coastal suburb of Athens).

The African country was full of antithesis, divided between the Muslim world and the West. The southern part (part of the Sahara desert) is inhabited by poor villagers who make a living from cultivating palm trees and collecting sulfuric minerals. Most of the women there use the typical Muslim dress-code, although their clothes are very colourful and they rarely cover their faces. The desert area has a unique exotic beauty despite the fact that most towns are very dirty and ugly (for western standards). The northern part of the country includes the rich coastal towns of Sfax, Hammamet and the capital, Tunis. People there have a western attitude and dress-code. The area of the ancient city of Carthage, near Tunis, is probably the most well-built. The overall experience was positive despite the fact that half the people from our group suffered from gastro-intestinal problems (possible caused by ice cubes) and we had to cover very long distances by bus in order to stay in schedule (500kms only during the first day!). The Tunisians are very friendly with tourists, since they have realised that their economy is largely based on foreign income.

Lagonissi was my post-Tunisia therapy! Having examined the tour program for Tunisia, I had predicted that I wouldn't have the chance to rest at all. So, I wanted to spent an activity-free week near Athens. The hotel I chose is considered one of the most luxurious in the world. I stayed at a coastal villa which included sauna, jacuzzi, HUGE TV-set and home cinema. The hotel complex had 7 different deluxe restaurants, spa, gym and superb beaches. The final cost was astronomic (for Greek standards) but the whole experience was worth the money. When I returned to my work I was completely relaxed both mentally and physically.

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