You caught my eye...  

rm_max_is_back 43M
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8/9/2006 7:38 am

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4/28/2007 10:58 am

You caught my eye...

I have a question. This has probably been asked before and it is an age old question. But first - how about a little backgroud.

I am a 33 yr old guy. I'm average - not fat, not thin, not buff, not weak. I drive big trucks (mine is a 4door Ford f-250). I have a fast quad racer. I'm simple. You've seen me pass you by at the mall, in the store, next to you at the stop light. I'm everywhere. (Guys - you know what I'm talking about)

It's mostly up to us MEN to say somthing to get a conversation going, to get YOUR attention, to spark YOUR interest.

So ladies - what is the best what for a guy to say "HI" to you without a cheesy pick up line? What do YOU want to hear?

Now for the ladies who think you are hot shit, better than all the rest - I dont care to hear from you. If you think your shit doesn't stink - it is the worst smelling kind.

Guys - how do you like to approach women? What do you say? You know - the simple "hello's"

I think I'll start a poll soon to find out. Not enough time today. But I would like to hear.

herotherside 40F
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8/10/2006 12:08 pm

"Hi, how was your day?" seems to work with me.


dimplesfouryou 45F
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9/9/2006 9:55 pm

How about "Hi my name is.... and how are you today?". It's all we need!

I hate the guys that spend all evening trying to catch my eye or circling my group and never says anything. Shit, if you are that wimpy, you can't handle me!

Good luck!


rm_max_is_back 43M

4/28/2007 10:58 am

Ok - I want to make this active here. I want people to say what they want to hear from the opposite sex. in this day and age of computers and lurkers - we need to chat and meet to cut the bullshit.

Thats is whats going on - too much buulshit. Too many fakes and flakes out there.

Ladies - What would you like to hear from a guy? Just being ourselves - honestly - doesn't cut it. If I'm wrong - then say so.

rm_jennyangel12 38F

5/15/2007 11:22 pm

for me it would be "Hi my name is how are you" that and a nice smile always works. You men think that you need to impress us with some great line and you dont.

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