Study of Dogs  

maverick1255 51M
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7/31/2006 10:28 pm
Study of Dogs

1. Dogs lie around all day sprawled on the most comfortable piece of furniture in the house.

2. They can hear a package of food opening half a block away, but don't hear you when you're in the same room.

3. They can look dumb and lovable all at the same time.

4. They growl when they are not happy.

5. When you want to play they want to play.

6. When you want to be alone they want to play.

7. They are great at begging.

8. They will love you forever if you rub their tummies.

9. They leave their toys everywhere.

10. They do disgusting things with their mouths and then try to give you a kiss.

Conclusion: They're tiny men in little fur coats.

funintheday2006 56M
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7/31/2006 10:39 pm

With the exceptions of 5 & 8 that is the description of a woman

maverick1255 replies on 8/1/2006 8:29 pm:
Ok, Mr. Smarty Pants!!!

SmartType 51F

7/31/2006 11:12 pm


I've had my dog for close to one year. He's still a pup (12 months as of 8/1, but close to 90lbs). I have never had so much joy and destruction altogether. That being said, I can easily go and get a new pair of shoes, but with this particular mutt, he's irreplaceable. If he could be a man in a fur coat, then OMG, I would stop this search.

maverick1255 replies on 8/1/2006 8:30 pm:

waerlookin4fun 50M/46F

8/1/2006 1:31 am

, They're tiny men in little fur coats...........I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for your humor about men and btw....I love your pic

maverick1255 replies on 8/1/2006 8:31 pm:
Thanks, and thanks - tried at one time to change my photo. The women immediately started telling me to put it back. So, I did.

phoenix639 49F

8/1/2006 3:52 am

All of the above just sounds like me actually......number 11 tickle my feet & i'll be a loyal companion forever.

maverick1255 replies on 8/1/2006 8:32 pm:
Yea, you have a little monkey in a bunny suit!!!

RubyRedPetal 44F

8/2/2006 3:52 am

my dog is super cool! he has averted disaster in my house on many occassions with his warning bark......dogs rock!

* *

maverick1255 replies on 8/2/2006 8:45 pm:
Cool story, thanks RRP!!

rm_shannee2006 52F
3355 posts
8/2/2006 6:30 am

Funny Mav

Yup...this juiciness is from me....


maverick1255 replies on 8/2/2006 8:46 pm:
I keep trying.

pussinboots571 105F

8/2/2006 6:36 pm

Mav, Well done.

As I read through it I smiled at how cute it was , but at the end I couldnt stop laughing in little fur coats.

Although I may have to dispute #8 They will love you forever if you rub their tummies; and point out that dogs are loyal, most men arent.


maverick1255 replies on 8/2/2006 8:47 pm:
Doh!! Point taken!

EyeCandy33333 44F
761 posts
8/4/2006 9:25 pm

Men will love u forever if you cook well and feed those tummies too-then do the doggy style thing a lot!

maverick1255 replies on 8/5/2006 8:47 pm:
Well, YEA!!!!!

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