Polar Bear Complex  

maverick1255 51M
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8/7/2006 6:44 am
Polar Bear Complex

A young polar bear came into his den and asked his mother, "Mom am I a real polar bear?" "Of course you are." His mother replied. The young polar bear asked his father. "Dad, am I a real polar bear?" "Yes, you are a real polar bear." A week passed and the young polar bear asked his parents, "Are grandma and grandpa real polar bears?" "Yes" said his parents. Another week passed and the young polar bear asked his parents, "Are all my relatives real polar bears?" "Yes, they are all real polar bears." Said his parents. "Why do you ask?" replied his mother. "Because," said the young polar bear,"I'm fucking freezing!"

angelofmercy5 58F
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8/7/2006 7:26 am

Too funny!

RubyRedPetal 44F

8/7/2006 9:10 am


* *

VCF1962 104F

8/7/2006 12:11 pm

Cute - I HEART Polar bears even though they can be real mean - they're still adorably cute !

Mistress Innuendo
Taking what you say and turning it into something naughty !!

VATraveler1948 68M

8/7/2006 3:28 pm

Aw jeez, that one just left me cold.

Bloody_Quandary 49F

8/7/2006 4:10 pm

Oh you a naughty man. You shouldnt laugh at polar bears they eat penguins and should eat KFC. I only came here looking for me fookin flower ~smiles~

pussinboots571 105F

8/8/2006 12:56 am


Way to cute, way to funny. I especially love the Bundy bear myself.


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