Email bet update: One  

maverick1255 51M
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9/3/2006 4:18 am
Email bet update: One

Absolutely Zero, on the return rate!

Guesses? Any takers ......


rm_WackyEPP 52F
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9/3/2006 6:28 am

Be patient Sweetheart, you still have 8 days to go.

Wacky Jacky

maverick1255 replies on 9/3/2006 3:45 pm:
Yep, not a problem. Just keeping everyone informed.


9/3/2006 7:03 am

No way. What is up with the women in your area??? Wish I could help but I don't understand it myself.

maverick1255 replies on 9/3/2006 3:46 pm:
Hmmmm, that is the problem!!! I don't understand either!! LOL!!!!

absolutelynormal 56F
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9/3/2006 7:31 am

Awww poor thing! So write to some other women. I think you're adorable, smart, funny. You just haven't found the right woman (obviously)! Hang in there!

maverick1255 replies on 9/3/2006 3:48 pm:
Well, thank you. And I have. Just wanted to make this post, and see what would happen. I have a very clear guess of what is going to happen.

MischiefSprite 53F
334 posts
9/3/2006 7:51 am

Sorry, Mav...

I am on the other side of the country from you, but I have been reading and following your blogs. Hey, if you ever get the urge to travel...not raining in SF Bay Area.

(and I invited you to my network on a whim)

Keep writing! I enjoy your point of view!

maverick1255 replies on 9/3/2006 3:49 pm:
Thanks Sprite! I will keep going!!

toothysmile 50M
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9/3/2006 12:35 pm

if it makes you feel any better the last email i got was 2 weeks ago! lol...

maverick1255 replies on 9/3/2006 3:54 pm:
I bet your network of friends is HUGE!!!! LOL!!!

I know you talk to a lot of people online!!!

... but I understand the lack of mail. There are just too many guys to girls on here!!!

loadeddice05 44M

9/3/2006 2:46 pm

    Quoting magahee77:
    @ Mav

    Are you sending out sappy emails or "wanna fuck emails"?
He's sending out gay emails saying how he likes to cuddle, ship champagne and go for long walks???? AND BEING A FELLOW MAN'S, MAN!! WE BOTH KNOW WOMEN REALLY JUST PREFER A SLAP ON THA' ASS AND A TWENTY!!!!! SHEEYAH!!!!! WE NEED TO SCHOOL MAV ON LATIN DATING TECHNIQUES?????


maverick1255 replies on 9/3/2006 8:03 pm:
Hmmmm, and those techniques work, huh? LOL!!!!

loadeddice05 44M

9/3/2006 2:49 pm

    Quoting MYTIME652:
    No way. What is up with the women in your area??? Wish I could help but I don't understand it myself.
YOUR BOTH TOO NEEDY!!! AND HOPELESSLY IN LOVE WITH DICE!!!! .......well at least you have a pretty decent shot!!!!!

Dice would date you!!! You put out??...right???

maverick1255 replies on 9/3/2006 3:57 pm:
Oh, now you are going after "our" crossover lady comments!!!!

ShyWhisper2006 53F
15175 posts
9/3/2006 4:25 pm

*shakes head*

maverick1255 replies on 9/4/2006 3:40 am:

catkit13 66F

9/3/2006 6:45 pm

it's still early in the game, mav - i'm sticking with my original prediction

maverick1255 replies on 9/4/2006 3:41 am:
LOL!!!! Yea. We will see.

funintheday2006 56M
9659 posts
9/3/2006 10:38 pm

C'mon, dont be so down about it. I KNOW Fotogod ALWAYS answers your mails and sends his love

maverick1255 replies on 9/4/2006 3:42 am:
Yea, I guess!!

PlaynAgain 54F

9/4/2006 7:34 am

If I still lived in Orlando and you e-mailed me I'd answer

"Attitude is everything. Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain."

maverick1255 replies on 9/4/2006 11:46 am:
Well, Thanks, PlaynAgain!

HeatedCondition 60M
890 posts
9/4/2006 11:15 pm

I find it almost humorous how the women don't understand the lack of responses. It's easy to understand .... us guys are guppies in a sea of millions of them on this site. And since most real women here are inundated with mail, many of them don't even bother to read them let alone respond. Or chances are they're already hooked up but don't turn their profiles off or even say they're unavailable in their profiles.

Another problem is overcoming trust issues. Here in America there have been too many fucktard creeps that have preyed on women, , abused, or beaten women up. So women are understandably afraid, cautious, distrusting. If not for that I think there'd be ALOT more women on this site.

I have to wonder how many of the profiles are fakes. I'd guess at least half, probably more like 80%. Of all the women that have visited my blog, only ONE lives within 100 miles of me, and there are 14 million people living within 50 miles. Now isn't that curious? WTF??? I can do a search and find thousands of profiles of women within 20 miles.

Now the women that do visit my blog I just adore, I love 'em, they are real, true, and I consider them my friends. They're wonderful and have made blogging all worthwhile. But I did come here to hook up.

I'm gonna just blog and maybe get noticed that way.

Now you Mav, you're younger, better looking, and single too, so you have more going for ya. You have a better shot, but it will take ALOT of patience and time. I predict you'll get one reply, maybe two, maybe a bit late. Hope I'm wrong. Or maybe that one reply will be "PAY DIRT". Hang in there, lightening just might strike. I keep thinking it will even being so pissy.


maverick1255 replies on 9/5/2006 4:22 am:
EXACTLY!!!! With you 100 percent!!! Right on the mark!!

Thanks, HC!! Great comment, completely agree.

Down to the praise, , I will see what I can do!

HeatedCondition 60M
890 posts
9/5/2006 12:30 pm

    Quoting daneNH:
    I completely agree with and understand HC's comment, but maybe I'm just a nice chick (not a single one either, so maybe it is a different animal)....I respond to ALL emails that are written to me (unless they are the "let's fuck" ones).

    I'd write to you Mav....and I'd see what I could do about meeting you in person too!
You ARE a nice chick to be responding to all your emails that are reasonable.

I've never written a "let's fuck" email. Guys that do that are clueless. Those guys can't find interested women either here or in the real world. They couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with a fistful of $100 bills.

But here's how it goes. This was the next to last last contact I tried, about a month ago. I screen this profile of a woman living 3 miles away from me. Right there in the same age range, and I'm just what she's looking for. She fits my criteria too. So I compose this really good email, humorous, words spelled right, good grammar, and enclose pics and my profile. All done late at night, I'm a night owl. Next morning I log in and check my Hotlist. She's online, in a chat room, and on IM. Next day, same thing. Day after that, same thing. All week long she's there in chat. Never heard from her.

Last one I wrote to I was a slam dunk match for. Near perfect. And this one accepted my invite. But I never got mail back. Sent a second note to make sure. Still nothing.

And so it goes!

maverick1255 replies on 9/5/2006 4:13 pm:
YES!!!!!! And all the women on here wonder why the "good" ones give up or just start sending "wanna fuck" emails!!!!!

As I have said before, if it was not for my sense of humor - I would have given up by now!!!!

HeatedCondition 60M
890 posts
9/5/2006 7:10 pm

LOL! Very good Mav ... as long as you've got your sense of humor you're intact, in the game, you'll keep getting turns at bat, trying for the 3 pointer, fighting for that endzone, swinging for the fences, eventually sliding into home plate! Now how many more sports metaphors can I come up with?

maverick1255 replies on 9/5/2006 9:56 pm:
LOL!!!! Very good!!

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