Construction Question...anyone?  

maverick1255 51M
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6/8/2006 8:21 pm
Construction Question...anyone?

This is like a school project, but I need some construction and stability issue help. Way off normal subject, but hey - it's my blog!

Holding tanks for water. Cheap. Sturdy. May be built. Think standard sizes of lumber, metal, etc. Anything to make it more cost effect or easier construction. With as little disruption to the ground as possible.

Thinking 10 or 12 feet. Square. 36 inch height. Something to support a liner.

Why would I ask, that is touched on in my profile. I have built tanks using 2x4s and .5 inch plywood on tank side surface. Held in corners by 4x4s with a top and bottom 6" bolt. Like walls with 2' spacing in 2x4 supports. All screwed together with 3" screws.

Sides bow when filled. But after rain, corners are weak. Downhill corner usually fails at 8 weeks. Have used fence posts to stop bowing. Worked well. May just trash idea. Maybe someone else may have ideas.

Any thoughts?


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