And now for the 200th post!  

maverick1255 51M
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8/29/2006 3:12 pm
And now for the 200th post!

My first gift is to my network of friends. A new photo album!!!

No sheet this time!

I will be going through the suggestions and posting a few of the other ideas over the next few posts. So, keep your eyes open!



CB_2 51F

8/29/2006 3:22 pm

C'mon babe - you should at least have used a 2 litre drinks bottle to hide your privates!!!!

Love the different sunbathing lines on your arse

Very cute pics. Thanks

Blogito ergo sum.

maverick1255 replies on 8/29/2006 8:35 pm:
Well, yea. I guess I could always photoshop it in!!! LOL!!!

Hey, those are small tan lines! I have neighbors, or there would be NONE!!!

Thanks! I thought they would be ok.

pussinboots571 105F

8/29/2006 3:25 pm

The sheets gone! The sheets gone! The sheets gone! I'm on my way now to the photo album......prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, can't wait.

Kisses to you Mav,


pussinboots571 105F

8/29/2006 3:33 pm

Oh Mav, you're a naughty naughty man!

Hugz & Kisses all over


maverick1255 replies on 8/29/2006 8:37 pm:
Sorry, Puss!!! I did say that there was no sheet!!! LOL!!!

Hope you liked them. I may have a few more up my sleeve!


8/29/2006 5:43 pm

Ah hem , I do not believe I am in your network .

maverick1255 replies on 8/29/2006 8:48 pm:
Well, we will have to work on that one!!!

loadeddice05 44M

8/29/2006 7:02 pm

LOL!!! No not more naked pic's of a pillow eating Mav??? Minus the sheet!! OH! My!! How can we contain our enthusiasm??? I wish I was your special network friend!!(sighs) Awwwwh!! No sexy Mav ass for me!!!! LOL!!!!!

Dice thanks his lucky stars for not being that close to Mav!! The network blog, nude photo pusher!!!!!

maverick1255 replies on 8/29/2006 8:54 pm:
OH!!! Here we GO!!! Don't be whining to me that you can not see Mav's manly ass!! Don't go crying!! LOL!!!

Hey, what happened "eyeless", Diceman? Back to no picture? Come on!! Where are the pictures of the new improved man boobs? LMAO!!!! DON'T make ME, come over there and bitch slap you to get you to have a picture again! It took some slapping to get the last eyes up there!!!

loadeddice05 44M

8/29/2006 7:05 pm

    Quoting MYTIME652:
    Ah hem , I do not believe I am in your network .
Your in mine!! Don't make me man slap Mav again??? I hate blog smaking mav!! Just to prove my manliness!!

Hands off Mav!!! Dice loves ya!! But is more than capable of smacking his favorite blog pup!!!!

maverick1255 replies on 8/29/2006 8:57 pm:
What? Like I am taking one of the few remaining females that you have not scared off! LMAO!!! Oh, sorry, maybe I am!!!! LOL!!!!

Go get on your unicorn and "ride off"!!!

pussinboots571 105F

8/29/2006 8:52 pm


I'm most certainly sure you have alot up your sleeve.....hehehe

After viewing those shots, I think that I'm going to have to call you "Wilson"? (from that Tim Allen TV series)...I'm sure you know it.

Puss, Kisses & Hugz to you

maverick1255 replies on 8/29/2006 9:07 pm:
Yep! Know exactly what you mean!!! LOL!!!!!

meerkittykat 42F

8/29/2006 10:09 pm

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....I joined the party just in time!!!!!

I think a hot dog bun would have been a good prop.

maverick1255 replies on 8/29/2006 10:22 pm:
Yes, aren't you lucky!!! LOL!!! Good timing!

A "bun". No, those are MY buns in my profile pic!!! LOL!!!

phoenix639 49F

8/30/2006 12:13 am

Lmao.....glad you mentioned the new photos as i hardly go into my network.

Dont you wear tiny pants for sunbathing.

You may as well go the full monty theyre that tiny.

maverick1255 replies on 8/30/2006 7:35 am:
LOL!!!! They are "bikini" style. Just enough! Don't want the neighbors to report me!!!


8/30/2006 9:21 am

Thanks for allowing me into your network . Great pics!

maverick1255 replies on 8/30/2006 3:14 pm:
Your very welcome!

ShyWhisper2006 53F
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8/31/2006 2:14 am


maverick1255 replies on 8/31/2006 3:59 am:

rm_WackyEPP 52F
8470 posts
8/31/2006 11:02 am

CONGRATULATIONS! on your 200th.

Wacky Jacky

maverick1255 replies on 8/31/2006 11:45 am:
Thanks, Wacky!!!

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