Trip to Atlantic City--"Fuck Me Long Time"  

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5/18/2006 6:37 am

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Trip to Atlantic City--"Fuck Me Long Time"

I just woke up this morning after a long ride back to Pennsylvania from Atlantic City. It was disappointing to me that I was not able to hook up with any members at this website and the "hitchhiker" thing did not happen. But, Monday and Tuesday nights were wild!

While jogging on the AC Boardwalk on Monday, just before sunset, I heard a "cum on" from an Oriental girl in her twenties. I stopped for a moment and smiled at her, then asked what she meant by her comment. She was slightly embarrassed because she was one of several Oriental women in this group, but she could not draw her eyes away from my crotch. I was wearing basketball style nylon running shorts and a jock, the kind that holds the nuts but not the shaft. So she asked me, was the year of the snake? I had run enough, so I invited the group of five girls to have a few drinks at my hotel room.

After a few drinks and some general conversation, I asked the girls which of them wanted to experience the answer to their question? They were all interested, so I commented that there would be no turning back to which they smiled and nodded.

I stood before the curious seated girl and told her to tongue the outside of my shorts. The others striped off their clothes and kneeled in a semi circle as I the snake came to life. In a moment, I was naked with five beautiful women giving my dick and nuts a tongue bath. They giggled and darted their tongues all over my now throbing cock. I watched as they licked and made their pussies ready for fucking.
"Who will be first?" I asked.

The curious girl, now known to me as Mia, positioned herself on the corner of the King sized bed, while the other girls held her wrists and ankles, so that she looked like a human pretzel. Her pussy was wet and totally vulnerable, as her eyes looked into mine. She started to move her hips and licked her lips. As I moved my cockhead into her small love hole, she groaned in pain. Her friends told me not to stop, so I eased into her inch by inch. Mia's eye had teared up and were wide open. The girls pulled back on Mia's ankles, which tipped her pussy upward. I stepped over her into the Samari position, so I could force my cock downward and deeper into her tight and shallow pussy. My weight drove my cock into her like a hammer to a spike and I rhode her like a piston of a well oiled machine. Try as I might, my dick was too long for her. When the other girls realized that I was getting frustrated because of the shallow womb, they said switch and another girl took the place of the first. Her pussy was not quite as tight, but took some serious fucking to gain any depth. They traded places until my dick had been in each of the five pussies. Then four got dressed and one remained, Mia. I said nothing, but waited for her to say something. Then she bowed her head and told me that she was my servant for the night and would do anything I asked of her. I could see how frightened and brave she was to be so willing.
"Shave your pussy and put on just your heels and let me have a look at you" I ordered.

She returned looking so hot and fresh. I looked at her with approval and placed my collar on her lovely neck and chained her to the rail under the headboard. Her hands were fasted by rope under the bed and her ankles fasted to the legs of the headboard. Then I began to slowly nibble and lick her swollen cunt and sucked her erect clit. When she came, I did not stop. She moaned so loud that I thought the people in the adjoining rooms would call the office. Then I covered her pussy with my whole mouth and tongue fucked her, while moving my lips on her clit and did it until she had no strength left. Then I slow fucked her in that limp exhausted moment. I knew she had to be ready and relaxed. My cock found what I had thought before was the shallow of her womb, but turned out to be narrow bend. I worked her until I broke through it and my full length slid in to the hilt. She let out a cry, followed by a whisper "please fuck me long time".

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