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3/13/2006 7:15 pm

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Hi all
We am new to this blog thing so am not sure what people want to read. judging from the response we have received so far we guess we am not being enertaining enough. it does seem strange that with the number of women looking for couples on the site we have not had more response. Perhaps our picture turns people off?
We think we have discoverd that Females that sign up can send mail to anyone even if they are standard members - is this true?
Given that we absolutely want discretion and have winked at "bored house wives" and numerous other women who are 'looking for couples" it would be great if they sent us a message even if it just to say "not interested" so we can remove them from the hotlist and move on.

We would still like to have another beautifull wet pussy in bed with us and are pretty sure can provide some toe curling orgasms to anyone interested.

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

3/13/2006 9:01 pm

Based on experience with another handle, it takes time to build a readership. The best thing you can do is have a very catchy title to each blog (e.g. "I swallow" versus "Last Night's Adventure").

There is also an unwritten rule (often not followed) that if you respond to someone's blog, they will respond to yours (or at least read yours).

Finally, if your blog illicits a response (as yours did), you will have a better chance of getting responses.

Hey, good luck!

rm_masith 58M/47F
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3/14/2006 6:50 pm


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