Where am I?  

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11/2/2005 8:37 pm

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Where am I?

Ever had one of those days when your thoughts are jumbled up and you can't seize upon one coherent thread? That's my day in a nutshell. One long blur, without a clear train of thought, and completely frustrated.

I even went to the cams tonight, like normal, and I couldn't even muster enough interest to want to stay. One thing about the women who cam publicly: they will receive a ton of mail. I learned early on that sending them messages is less than pointless. I really feel for them, because camming it would seem (I can't speak from practical experience, I think there's a law against putting my face on camera! ), even once, can literally be a career commitment just to respond to.....er, no, just to clearing all those emails from your cam sessions.

But that's the way life is, isn't? Some days you have all the energy in the world to do it all. Other days, not so much. I'm very relaxed, not worked up about anything (rare for me, ), and generally feel good. I've been thinking about my last few posts, specifically, a woman's skin. All day I've been daydreaming about it. I love to give massages because I get to run my hands over all that delicious skin. And there's no better way to seriptitiously impart some erotic pleasure in the process! BTW, in case you haven't guessed, I'm a cuddler. I love sex, don't get me wrong, but I love to spend hours, or perhaps days, with a partner just cuddling, making love, cuddling some more, making love again, etc.....It gives me the opportunity to memorize every inch of my lover, perhaps mixed with a kiss, nibble or lick here or there.

The best sex of my life lasted three days, during which we never got dressed and left the bed only for the necessities. It was absolutely blissful.

Anyway, that's where my thoughts have been all day. As you can imagine, I got very little done today and spin class was challenging trying to hide my outward manifestations of my inner musings. But I'll spare you those gory details, no sense making anyone ill!

So until next time, be safe and be happy!

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