The importance of a face  

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11/5/2005 9:58 pm

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The importance of a face

I have to say that I'm sad to see that most of the women who cam show only their bodies and not their faces. I suppose I can undertstand, to a certain extent, wanting to hide their identities. I can think of several reasons ranging from not wanting someone who might be watching to recognize you to not wanting to take the risk that someone might not think you're pretty.

I can't emphasize enough, however, just how important a woman's face is. I'm astounded by the broad spectrum of them, and find their eyes and mouths to be the first thing that captures my attention (even when they're naked!). OK, so maybe I'm the exception and not the rule, but truth be told a think a lot more men than people suspect are aroused by a woman's facial features.

I sure that this will sound trite, but I can climax just looking into a woman's eyes. Her eyes are the most expressive part of a woman's body, even more so than her mouth. Eyes can tell me a great many things: whether she's smiling and happy, or smiling and angry, whether she's sad or lonely, how her day at work was, whether or not she finds me attractive, and the list goes on.

Frankly, I can see all the naked torsos in the world and they won't do a thing for me. Taken out of context, absent the face, they are no more than beautiful abstractions of the true object of desire. That's why I don't spend time watching cams of heaving breasts, or spread legs, regardless of how beautiful. They are merely actions, raw and devoid of emotion, lacking definition.

I watched several couples tonight make passionate love on cam tonight, one with sound (thanks!), and I found myself watching the woman's facial expressions more than the act of lovemaking itself. In all cases, it was clearly evident upon their faces, particularly in their eyes, when they were ready to orgasm. Their eyes became soft and unfocused, betraying a calm and profound pleasure building to a summit. I love to look into my lover's eyes when she orgasms. That alone can bring me to climax, as well, and communicates wordlessly all the things I feel physically.

I'm sure that I'm odd duck. Ladies, I can think of no greater satisfaction than knowing you climaxed because of my passionate ministrations to your exquisite bodies, and your eyes tell me when I have succeeded in my endeavors. There are so many beautiful women, so many incredible eyes to read and gaze into, I can hardly contain my longing to see them all. I would personally like to show each and every one of you how truely lovely you are, and how important your eyes are in achieving truely splendid climaxes.

Alas, that won't likely happen, but it doesn't mean that I can't dream and famtasize about those of you out there brave enough to allow strangers, such as myself, to gaze into your eyes across the wide expanse of the electronic void. You are, indeed, truely my erotic heroins!

Until next time, TTYL,

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