Pointless Pursuits  

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10/30/2005 10:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Pointless Pursuits

I suppose that I've known this all along, but the point really achieved crystal clarity for me tonight. For an average man, and in truth I can only speak for this man, coming here to meet women for sexual encounters, or even for relationships, is almost a senseless endeavor.

While I get snubbed daily by all types of women on this site, that is not what brought this notion into sharp focus tonight. Tonight, while doing my usual browse through the member cams, I payed particular attention to the number of viewers watching. In almost all of the cases this number was north of 200, in more than half, it was over 500, and in 10 to 20 percent it was over 1,000. Even for the greater majority of the women who put themselves on cam, these are not good odds for any man. Well then, let's check profiles.

I found through my own perusal of the profiles that they tend to filter into three distinct categories: a) those that receive so much attention that no woman could, in an entire lifetime, possibly respond to all of her email, b) those that have such extraordinarily high requirements that only about 1% of the males on this planet would measure up, and c) those that, while they might seem excellent candidates, are so far away as to make any chance of ever meeting, much less having a sexual encounter, impractical.

Most of the women whose profiles I've read receive an inordinate number of emails, even if they do nothing at all. Most have strict requirements, such as, "no pic=no response". Frankly, this just seems prudent to me. First, you don't want to start up an online romance with some faceless person only to find out later that they look like the elephant man, or worse, *ME*! Second, if someone doesn't want to show you their face then there are always those who will, so it is perfectly appropriate to filter out the former to reduce the shear volume. Third, everyone has standards to which they live, and in order to achieve a successful match you have to interact with people you can feel comfortable with. Unfortunately, the downside of a high volume of messages is that you might, in fact, inadvertantly overlook someone who be ideal. And for men, let's face facts, this is a woman's market guys. We are literally a dime a dozen, if that much.

The second variety are the women who set their standards way too high. I would like to meet men from whatever planet they come from, because they must be something close to perfect. The women I've come across in this category range from "drop dead gorgeous" to the "quitessential, ordinary girl next door". Notice I didn't say "ugly woman". This is because there is simply no such thing. All women are beautiful, it is the men whose preferences mitigate the attractiveness of a given woman. I don't even understand why the drop dead gorgeous types are here. They can walk down any street, or go into any night club, and have dozens of men salivating over them. These women seem to me merely to clutter up the site, because they detract from the women who honestly have a difficult time meeting men. And their arrogance is frankly insulting: if you're not *AT LEAST* this big, or if you're not perfectly formed then don't *EVEN* bother to waste my time. Well, I am niether of these but I would bet a months pay that I could impart more pleasure than an adonis because it isn't all about me. It's about two people pleasuring each other mutually, and beautiful people are typically only in it for themselves. Notice I said "typically", not "always"; hastily generalizing anyone is just as bad. But I'm straying from the point.

As for the third group, there are a lot that fall into this category. I watch forelornly their cams and read and reread their profiles, wishing there were some way to get close to them. I saw one woman on cam tonight from Nova Scotia who claims to be 46, but I'm skeptical. I haven't seen too many 46 year olds that look as good as she did, and I'm not talking about size or shape. She had nearly flawless skin. Now, all of the guys in the audience are thinking, "skin? who cares about her skin?" Well, I do, for one. I love to touch a womans skin, at length. It's the most sensuous thing I can think of. I could spend hours just touching a woman's skin, caressing it, feeling it's warmth under my fingers. Whew, sorry, I was getting wrapped up there. Another young woman of 25 from Arizona had the most sensuous mouth I have seen in years. Her smile was to die for, and I found myself watching just to see her smile. But she also had a very expressive mouth and I found myself both mesmerized and aroused just watching it. In both cases, it would be practically impossible for me to pursue either of these women due to the distance involved. I would have certainly loved to, but I can't see traveling that far, and I wouldn't impose upon them to either.

The bottom line is that women, on this site in any regard, have a commanding advantage over the men. For myself, I always have my fantasies, and everything I do here is for the purest of amusement, and not to be taken too seriously. I can still imagine the silky feel of a woman's skin next to mine, it's warmth and softness. Touching and kissing it is my ultimate turn on. Even though I can't touch it, I can imagine how sweet it would feel, and in the end that's good enough for me.


horizon3two5 41M
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10/31/2005 1:57 am

Hey there,

Simply that I concur with your experience here.

Additionaly, Have you thought of sex resorts. I went on one 6 months back to Venezuela. It gave me everthing I wanted with the romance.

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