Man Am I Old!  

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10/17/2005 2:46 pm

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Man Am I Old!

I know that young women when I was 20 something were no where near as hot as the young girls I see today. But what confuses me, and frankly leaves me shaking my head, is what are gorgeous girls like this doing sitting at home alone when I know full well that if they went out they would draw men (and probably women, as well!) like the Pied Piper draws rats! Are these youngsters really so picky that literally NO MEN (or Women) exist in their areas to satisfy them? Or are they unwilling to go and meet people the old fashioned way?

I have to admit that it is much easier to find and interact with people here (unless, of course, you happen to be me, but that's a whole different topic!!), where anonimity can be maintained until you're fairly certain that the person isn't a psychopath. But not withstanding this fact, what happened to the twentysomething party scene? Is our society as a whole so introverted now, thanks to the internet, that they have forgotten, never learned, or just don't care to invest the effort and reap the fun and rewards of finding and interacting with real people face-to-face?

For me, the decision to come here was an easy one; I had practically permanent hand prints on both cheeks and determined that this might just be a bad thing, especially if my wife noticed! But, for these young women in particular, getting slapped isn't even a remote possibility from men, at the very least. Well, not from THIS man, although I might faint if one of them gave me so much as the time of day!

In the end, I suppose, irrespective of their reasons, I am glad that are here because it gives dirty old men such as myself something worth looking at in the boring, quiet moments of our otherwise placid lives. All hail modern women!

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