Aahhhh... Fine wine indeed...  

rm_markekaf 40M
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4/30/2005 9:52 am

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5/29/2006 11:38 am

Aahhhh... Fine wine indeed...

hmmmm, it all started when a friend of mine lent me an XXX tape entitled "Taboo", where the "mom" character ends up sleeping with her own "son"... Damn did that leave an impression! Though i have no desire of sleeping with my own mom, god help me, the flic left that burning desire to actually have sex with an older woman, in fact, older women turn me on more than teenyboppers and sex starlets. i don't know what it is about older women, they easily start my launch sequence! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4.....

i almost always masturbate while fantasizing about former grade school teachers, up to now! I have a few favorite images that are permanently embeded in my subconcious. Like the few glimpses of a certain teachers bra through a hastily buttoned blouse, and the quick glimpse of another teachers panties while pivoting from her chair, and the few explosive mind numbing gimpses of our music teachers cleavage while she demonstrates a piano piece...

i have around 5 favorite masturbatory fantasy partners... whom i've fucked in my mind for over 17 yrs now! if only they knew how i want them still...

rm_markekaf 40M
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5/4/2005 6:30 am

I had this teacher who had a large build, she had a pretty face, and large breasts, she had a natural tan. At the time she was probably 40ish, and i was around 13-14 yrs old.
Anyway, i always tried to get a glimpse of her bra thru the gap between buttons on her blouse, i almost always do get glimpses which naturally turned my 14 yr old body ON! The reason i make that one of the starting points of my fantasy is because more than once, i saw her looking back at me when i was viewing her bra, i was sure that i'd get detention or something but she never gave me one. So i got bolder, so whenever i got the chance, i'd let her check my papers. we had to go to her desk to do this. From my vantage point in front of the desk i could look down her blouse and see everything from there, even the nipples! A number of times we locked eyes and it was obvious that she knew i was looking down her blouse, i could swear that at least one time she may have smiled a bit, though with my over active imagination back then i may have misread her. Anyway, the fact that she knew i was peeking and she had done nothing made me think, fantasize that she was actually letting me peek.

I was young then, so i didn't yet have the balls to actually go further. So i ended up just fantasizing about how she'd let me stay after class, and let me AT FIRST view her breasts thru the blouse, then slowly unbutton to expose her plump tan breasts. I imagine her enjoy seeing my young cock stiffen thru my pants. Then i fanatsize about her asking me to masturbate infront of her and to tell her how much i love looking at her breasts. After weeks of this we get bolder and she eventually removes her bra and lets me lick her nipples while she masturbates my cock for me till i come! Then it progresses to her letting me view her panties while she rubs herself as i masturbate. Ofcourse eventually she lets me give her oral sex for weeks on end, after class that is. Then i fantasize about her teaching me how to hold my orgasm to extend her pleasure, she then proceeds to give me blowjobs as training before she actually lets me enter her pussy! Then when she does i imagine her on top of me fucking me and orders me to hold my orgasm until she's satisfied, i oblige ofcourse and try my hardest from ejaculating. She eventually gives me the go signal to fuck her as i see fit since she trained me well. this is one of the variations i have with this particular teacher, i have others that i also masturbate to on a regular basis.
I'm thinking of sex sequences about you in fact. I find that varying my fantasies brings about better orgasms and longer stronger ejaculations. My first ejaculation of you was when you replied to my post, that rwally excited me. My second monster ejaculation was when you sent me that article... i quickly viewed your pics at the point of orgasm, that really made me squirt a long one!

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