BOB9812000-Apolgy to southern California and Truth  

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9/6/2005 9:33 pm

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BOB9812000-Apolgy to southern California and Truth

I will make this simple and truthful to anybody and everybody I may have offended or upset. I am guilty of telling some lies and copying and pasting the same info to women in san diego and Southern cali yes. I apologize for being a DOG- and my actions yes! However I am not married never have been and have no children. This is a misunderstanding and not TRUE that I am married with a child. I was here to meet and after sex but never in a million years would I thought I would be humiliated, embarrassed and physically threatened and have people show up to my home etc and even more create websites and vicious lies. I am sorry again but this is the truth and I will leave and wish all of you good luck in whatever your all searching for online.

(to make a long story short my phone is on a another plan hence another name comes up and yes that person has ex wife and child but this is not me) I may be have after fun partners and told lies but I never screwed anyone over or said one derogative word about anyone. I have never called any fat or one derogative word about anyone here or anyone else. this is simply not true. The only reason I never gave name or location was I thought people don't give out on sex sites period!! Sorry again for any trouble I may have caused but this is the truth and I just wanted to leave and let you know. I couldn't do it anywhere else cause I got ruined and I didn't even get a chance anywhere to explain or know where to start. And to who I thought was a friend I would have called but lost your number and you could have called me too. I would be more than happy to talk to anyone who has questions or is pissed that I am sorry but this is real the truth and not BS or me backing out. I closed my account and wanted to explain my actions and clear up some large misunderstandings! Just leave me where I can contact and I will call ,email or explain anything , I know I was a Dog for lying to try to meet women but numerous things I've read or heard are not simply true period, sorry to bother and thanks for your time.

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