the good time  

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12/27/2005 6:53 pm

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the good time

Saw her opening the door for me. Wearing a see-through tank-top and red pantie. There was nothing underneath other than two kidney bean sized teats teasing me. My thing hardened and as soon as she closed the door, I lunged forward and grabbed, kissing her and hands caressing her Ecupped boobs. She pushed me down and gyrated on the female superior position screaming with joy. That lasted for 25 minutes, Her first splash came after 4 minutes. In all more than 2O times she came. I wanted to have it, she rolled over and it was pumping all the way for more than 150 times. I groaned and my hot juice finally came, but she quickly withdrew and placed the hard cock in her mouth, whilst I arched and groaned. My thing went limb and she kept leaking and sucking for another 10 minutes. I felt the warm in my body once again. As my manhood hardened, she opened her thighs wide apart for my insertion. As I penetrated her pumping and riding and groaning, we varied our posture. Clinging together with me from the back, we moved to the kitchen to take apple juice. Some juice were poured on the hardened thing mixing with our juices. She leaked to taste the sweetness. Then as I penetrated her in the kitchen she gave a shrill, and kept asking for more and deeper penetration and gave 22 shots. After 2 and a half hours, we were drenched .

Whilst having shower, fondling each other made us hot and juicy again. We started again, and this time in the bathroom for 10 minutes and proceeded to her bedroom. I could not wait no longer. I lay her by the side with thighs opened upright, I put my shaft in and stroke until she was all wet and crying with joy. Various postures were carried out with her riding and gyrating. My hands and mouth were fully occupied with the over sized boobs and the wet tongue. I finally came the second time around after 4 hours of lusty enjoyment together.

That was rather rejuvenating. Love to have more.

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