IS CRAP and canal water sucking and such  

rm_mangomami2 40F
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8/3/2006 9:47 pm

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8/7/2006 9:44 pm

IS CRAP and canal water sucking and such

Ok DiscreetfunCMH got the wheels a'turnin , he calls himself a lover of music but says /hip-hop "sucks canal water " .

Now as a sidenote I love the man's blog , and this is an intelligent debate , so if you checked your brains at the door , please help yourself to canape and make like a tree.............

Ok back to the subject .

If you are one of the many who think IS CRAP , I pose the query .........why ?

What is it about this music you hate ?

Which songs/groups have you listened to ?

What are a few of your current favorite songs?

I can't debate you until I know your stance , so no holdin back tell me what you really think ...

rm_mangomami2 40F
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8/4/2006 8:30 pm

Spunky I respect that !

CLover - (sorry sick of calling you chubby somehow it doesn't fit the mental pic of you I have ) I will say this , yes they sample but other genres do the same .
I do love classic rock , but I also like a deep bass thumpin every now and again .
I think you might miss out on some truly good music if you dismiss a whole genre . And no I am not talkin about "shake your ass girl , I got so much bling stuff" .
Ever heard Outcast ? The roots ?

"While I sure there are some tunes worth listening to, it's not for me. Give me classic rock every time." this sort of sounds like " I am old and set in my ways bah . C'mon Dick Clark has even endorsed outkast !LOL

However I find immensely interesting you are a bass player , so much I don't know about you hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Intensity4U 52M
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8/5/2006 9:17 am

Hey mangomami I don't like because so much of it has so few lyrics and what's there is really lame - but I CAN'T STAND the constant repitition - 'on the floor, on the floor' - the same phrase over and over drives me nuts.

I feel the same way about other music when they do that as well. Two that jump to mind are 'Crimson and clover, over and over....' - oh I hate that song! and just because this comes to mind since it was just mentioned recently in a post - Reba McIntyre's 'Tell Me Why.' The end of that song is pure Hell - I can't even stand seeing that woman after hearing that song once!

That's my two cents.

GuyWhoListens2u 56M
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8/5/2006 4:40 pm

When my kids play ... I say .. hey, why not turn on some music?

I say the word m-u-s-i-c slowly so they will get the idea that what they are listening to isn't.

Another dislike is a non talented musicians all doing their own thing.. trying to get the others to follow them. ewwww! fingernails on a chalkboard.

DiscreetFunCMH 50M

8/7/2006 1:58 pm

Tip toes in quietly and wonders what the hell he started

For me, I can't understand the majority of the words either due to speed, mumbling, or both. I'll give you that not all are like that, and that's pretty much why I like the older stuff that was still easy to understand.

My second issue with "hip hop" goes beyond this particular genre and includes much of "pop" music as well. That is the fact of non instrument playing. There are some great programmers out there for MIDI, but when it becomes repetitive and "OBVIOUS" that a real person isn't playing an instrument, but has spent hours sequencing, it just losing some of it's umph to me. I can appreciate a complex MIDI arrangement as well as the next person, but that happens in these genre's as an exception not the norm.

Soooo, what happens, I avoid it all and stereotype it for the most part. There are always exceptions, but take me back to the 70's and early 80's any day with a live drummer pounding out a bass beat and a few guys showing off the nimble fingers on guitar.

By the way, to be fair, the really heavy metal or speed metal or what ever you may want to call it that has played over the last decade and a half or so, I have troubles with as well. Mostly for reason number 1. Bottom line I want to hear and understand what is being sung, not have to go to the internet and look up the lyrics. I do like some of what I'd call Hard rock like nickelback etc. of todays {so you don't think I'm completely living in the past}

With 2 teenagers in the house, I have learned one thing. The old phrase "If it's too loud, your too old" seems to be genre specific in my house. I can annoy my kids just as easily as they can annoy me

rm_mangomami2 40F
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8/7/2006 9:44 pm

Intensity !!!!!!! - damn you I will be singing that all night now !! Crimson and clover , over and over , thanks a bunch , really !

Guywholistens - I say more cowbell !!!!!

CLover - you swear you are funny huh ?

Discreet - I could talk about music forever .........I actually agree with the points you made here , the roots is a group that actually plays instruments, Ok if you like nickelback you are okay with me

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