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11/29/2005 1:24 pm

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Looking to fill my quota for meeting amazing and vibrant young ladies before I get old and need to be rich to do so.

On my (I don't know) glass of port today. It's snowy and I'm hiding out at home searching through Passion's list of local gals.

A few months ago I began speaking with a young woman, a couple years my senior, via another online site. A couple weeks ago we finally met and spent some time together. There is, as I have always considered, a great desire for human connection. The sexual aspect seems to be undercurrent to the locality and geography of human interaction. Be there, listen, speak, interact, accept, enjoy.

Last night we watched Shaun of the Dead and Transporter. She destroyed me during most of Transporter. Her tongue running along the shaft of my cock, finger tips rolling under my scrot and she switches it, moves to sucking on my balls and stroking my cock. The head of my penis feels like it's on fire and my sac feels like she's trying to rip it off. I can feel how hard I am, and she continues with long oral strokes, her tongue flicking out and over my sac as she swallows my cock.

My hands twist into the pillows and she has my legs and hips pinned, wrapped up in her arms and under her as her mouth glides up and down and up and down. Tirelessly she attacks, coaxes and persuedes a hilarity of orgasmic explosion.

I laugh when I get off. When I really get off. When the explosion is body size. When I'm just a little speck of being on the scape of all the pretty colors going off in front of my eyes. Okay, maybe I hyperventilate a bit but damnit, what's wrong with that?

This morning, I woke late and decided I would skip work. It's interesting just taking a day a month here or there when a friend is over. Makes the next day tolerable, liveable - enjoyable. At 07:10 she rolled me over and took over. By 9 I was wrything in ecstacy. There's something about endurance and stamina that is so damn sexy.

Don't start things you don't intend to finish.


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