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I was going through some things in my room today when I got home from work to take my mind off the bad news I got with my mom's health and found and old journal that I had written poetry in when I was younger.... Gosh was I a sap and a dork or what lol... so I am going to share some of my old stuff from when I was much younger in some of my blogs

"Two People in One"

two people in one,
one happy, one sad.
two sides of me,
one mad and one glad.

there's only one side
I try to let show;
my feelings inside
the others don't know.

i'm two people in one-
as strange as that sounds,
the real me inside
no one has found.

I think I wrote this back when I was around fourteen or fifteen... long time ago. It brought back memories I thought I had lost though. Weird how sounds, smells, and words can do that like pictures can.

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