And next.....this is what happened  

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3/16/2006 2:46 pm
And next.....this is what happened

Ok, honey, you remember that day not too long ago when you were calling me at work and they told you that I was interviewing people and was not answering the phone? Ya, well I was interviewing someone alright, but I could not answer the phone because her and I were at the motel just down the street.
The rest is a little graphic and I know this turns you on, so here goes.
I brought some wine for her, and we drank a little. I had to hold back, I swear to god, I just wanted to grab her and get started, but I knew she needed to take it a little slow...we chatted a little, then I did the toast thing, very macho, and very sexy huh? Ya, well it seemed right at the time, and damn, it worked...I took her glass then and brought her close to me. She was trembling under my hands, as they started to slowly caress her. We kissed tenderly, gently, and then our tongues licked briefly...I slowly undressed her...taking the time to look at her incredible body....just like yours baby, she is fit, and nice small perky boobs...just the way I like them. She had a very small landing strip, god I swore she had talked to you before meeting up with me, everything was the way I like it. She began undressing me, and when she got me completely naked, she reached down and held my hard throbbing cock. She moaned in pleasure as she felt it....."Mmmmm, very nice!" she whispered in my ear...."You are going to have to be slow with me." I told her that I would give her exactly what she wanted and exactly how she wanted it. I then gently layed her on the bed....and covered her body with mine. The heat between us was incredible. I kissed her deeply and passionately...she reached up for me, hungrily. I was rubbing my hard cock between her legs, but would not give it to her just yet. She wrapped her legs around my hips, and tried pulling me in, but I resisted her. I pulled away, and started moving my lips and tongue over her I got close to her parted legs, she grabbed my head and pulled me towards her wet pussy. I stopped just short of touching it with my lips and breathed heavily on her. She moaned and her body arched up to try to meet my lips, but again I pulled away. "Please." she whispered....I took my tongue and gently licked her entire pussy, not too hard. She moaned loudly. I did it again, and then again, and this time I stopped when the tip of my tongue pressed her clit, and I pushed harder. She grabbed my head tightly and pulled and again her body arched to meet me. I took her clit into my mouth, and gently started sucking it......and as I sucked it inside my mouth, I flicked it with my tongue at the same time. She was pulling my hair now, and her body was arching up and down...her moans became louder and louder, and then became one long moan as she came on my face.......mmmmm. I let her come down from her orgasm, and then again slowly started to apply pressure on her clit with my tongue. I had not let her clit go from my mouth but had gently held it there as she had come, careful not to apply too much pressure as it would be very sensitive. "No, not again, fuck, I haven't cum in a long time, and you just made me cum in a minute. I don't think I can handle another one so fast."
"Just relax baby and enjoy."
I licked her entire pussy gently again for a minute, teasing her clit as I barely touched it. Once she started to moan again, and once her hips started to move, I again took her clit into my mouth. Gently again at first, but then I put one finger inside her, just a little and pushed up rubbing inside at the same time I sucked her clit. You know baby this is what you like, you know this is the magic way....knowing how much you love this, I had to do the same to her. And she responded just like you do....her moans became screams, and she came again, and this time, I felt her warm cum on my face....her body was bucking uncontrollably.....I held her gently in my mouth all the while as she enjoyed her immense she slowed, I sucked a little harder, enough to allow her to maintain the waves of pleasure for a lot longer than normal. Finally, she lay still. Well, kinda still, her body shivered, her hands trembled.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck." was all she said.
And I did. I slowly moved up her body, spreading her legs and I put my cock inside her. I arched her hips up towards me, and started rubbing inside her pussy with my cock just inside. Then I pushed in all the way.....she gasped and pushed me back...."Slowly baby," she warned me. Her eyes were closed as I fucked her slowly. First not deep rubbing inside, then deep, then not deep, and she again started to moan out loud. She came again, and told me she wanted me to cum. So I did, I came inside her pussy baby...and then she pushed me back and took my cock in her mouth, sucking everything out of me....good girl.....and that was all that day.. but I am afraid that is not all with her. I will tell you more another day baby......
This should get you hot when you read it...can't wait until tonite.....

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