A trip to Russia  

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3/18/2006 2:04 pm
A trip to Russia

Hi again honey, there are more things I gotta tell you about that last girl, but there is also this Russian girl. You were right about her, and I could never tell you before but I will now...you will like this. First of all, I always told you that I did not find her attractive, cuz, well I did not want you to think that I was doing anything with her, but are you kidding me? Damn, I would have to be blind and dead not to find her hot. She always dressed so nice and sexy, and the perfumes she wore....how could a guy resist. I did, I did resist for a while, but there was the one day when we needed to go for a drive, and you know when a girl asks you to pull over and park behind one of those abandoned industrial buidings to talk for a minute, I mean who would really expect that she would want to do anything? I am innocent and she practically me anyway. Ok, a blowjob is not really , and a blowjob is not really sex right? I asked Billy Clinton and it works for him, so I'm going with him......I pulled up behind the building and she turned to look at me.
"I have waited long enough, and will not wait any longer," she told me as she reached her hand over and put it on my lap.
"Trust me, you will enjoy this!"
With that she leaned over and started kissing me, her hand rubbing my cock through my pants. You know loose dress pants really are great for this reason if for nothing else....you feel things a lot better than in jeans. My cock started throbbing as she rubbed it. Her tongue was in my mouth, licking against my tongue. She took my hand and put it on her breast and told me to squeeze hard, which I admit, I did do that. She then reached down with both hands, undid my pants, and took my cock out. "Mmmmmm, very nice. I like big cocks to suck on. This was worth waiting for baby."
With that she bent over and took my cock in her mouth. She was not gentle, and I did not mind. She sucked it hard, just below the head, the way I like it. Her hand grasped the shaft of my cock, and started to twist it tightly and move up and down on my cock, in unison with her mouth. This girl knows how to suck cock, I thought to myself. She does it just like you baby, and you know, very few women have made me cum by giving me head. Well, she did! I couldn't help it, she was damn good. Clearly very experienced, but I didn't care if she had sucked a hundred cocks before me at this point in time. When I was coming close, I told her I was going to cum. She stopped long enough to tell me that that was what she wanted, and that she wanted to taste me. Uh, ok, then, I was not going to argue with that. So I did. I came in her mouth, and the good girl that she is, stayed away from the head of my cock as I came. Too damn sensitive as you know baby. She kept her tightly wrapped around my cock, and continued sucking until I finally stopped.
"Mmmmmm, tasty!" she said. "Now you owe me, and I will let you know how you are going to pay me back, but pay me back you will!"
And I did baby, not with money of course stupid....but I will leave that for another day....

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