Onward and upward (?)  

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10/25/2005 10:45 pm

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Onward and upward (?)

Well, onward, anyway. Direction seems to be self guided these days.

OK, this type of entry is probably not what most people expect, but it's my blog and this is what's on my mind tonight.

Tonight is a night of reminiscence. It was two years ago yesterday that I lost my father to cancer. Just two months after I lost my wife, the most beautiful woman I've ever known. Also to cancer.

My father had very definite ideas of right and wrong. He would never do anything that might go against those ideas. He was a true man of integrity. He worked (sometimes multiple jobs) to take care of a wife (almost 47 years married) and 5 children. I've never met anyone who didn't respect him. I hope that someday I can become half the man that he was.

On the other side of tonight's reminiscence is the love of my life. This woman had strength and courage unlike anyone else I know. She had the ability to face her diagnosis with grace and determination and under her own terms. She taught me to love. And to share. She taught me what real selflessness is. This lady knew the true meaning of friendship, and would give all that she was for a friend. She also gave me the happiest 13 years of my life. It wasn't nearly as long as I would have preferred, but it was 13 years of wondrous love and laughter. Of friendship and caring.

I miss them both.

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