Good Friends  

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1/1/2006 6:24 pm

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Good Friends

I had made the 3 hour trip to the city to help out a long time friend. She needed to move some things from her parents place to her place. I have a truck and would do anything for her. Truth is I had long wished we were more than friends but with our schedules, locations and the turns in our lives have taken us to where we manage to get together two or three times a year for dinner or drinks as one or the other flies in or out of the cities airport. Donít misunderstand we are still very close, we talk, email or IM frequently. We often kid that we will be that couple that marries at 70 after being life long friends.

After picking her up at her place in the city we head out towards the little town just northwest of the city where her parents place is. I hate the city, so much of a rush, so many people, near hysteria, she loves the city, the pulse the rhythm, the beat as she calls it, she says it make you feel alive. I donít need grid lock, brown air and people right on top you to feel alive. As we have history of doing we fall into a conversation as we ride towards our destination.

We arrive at the small quaint home of her parents at the end of the dirt road just past the bend. No other car is around. Her brother is supposed to be here to help me load up some of the heavier things bulkier things she is taking, a freezer and some antique furniture that her parents cannot take with them to their new apartment in the city. They want the antiques kept in the family and not sold off, and who canít use a freezer if itís free. Her cell phone rings, one of the green day songs, itís her brother heís been delayed and wont be here for half hour to 45 minutes. I ask about the ring tone and she explains she has a different ring for most people in her phone. He apologized but he has a habit of being late or not showing at all, kind of appropriate that the ring for him is off American Idiot, donít know if thatís intentional or not. Based on her look Iím not going to ask. I suggest that we get started and Iíll load what I can till her brother gets here. She explains that she gave him her key so he and his buddy could get what he was talking earlier in the week so she doesnít have the key. I turn on the radio and we just fall into a conversation as we have history of doing. I think how great it is to be here with her.

After a few minutes she places her hand on my thigh and smiles at me. I reach over and place my hand on her leg and stroke the inside of her thigh. She closes her eyes and I lean in and kiss her. She's a great kisser and we have always kissed well together. I tease her with my tongue, suck on her tongue, and nibble her lip. I reach into her shirt and undo her bra while she strokes my cock through my pants. We stop, making sure no one can see us, it occurs to me that I had not done this in about 30 years, and we start kissing again.

She undoes the buttons of my shirt slowly. I want to just rip it off. Slowly she kisses me from my belly button to my neck. Once she has my shirt off his, she unbuckled my belt, and unzipped my pants and moved them down my legs while she teased the head of his cock with her finger gently running her finger around my head and over the eye.

She pushes my pants down as far as she can. I do the rest to get them off. She still has her clothes on, so I start doing the same to her except I focus on her rock hard brown nipples. .As I pull her pants down, I move her underwear to the side and slide two fingers between her lips to see how wet she is. She is so warm and wet. I pull my fingers out and lick them. She moans looking at me with lovers eyes, she liked that! She finishes taking off her panties and pants.

She pulls me on top of her as she stretches out in the front seat of my truck. We work our way around and get into a comfortable position. She takes my cock in her hand and slowly guides it in between her warm wet lips and into her beautiful tulip. I begin rocking my hips slowly. We go into a slow, smooth rhythm and then begin to move faster. She moans my name. She runs her hands down my back, and then grabs my ass digging in with her nails. She pulls me closer to her, I lean forward and kiss her deeply, and rock myself deep inside here, filling her. She pushes me away to tell me she is going to cum. I can't believe how quickly she has reached this point. I can feel her pussy tightening around my cock, her legs then begin to tremble. She again moans my name. She pulls my even closer and tells me she wants to feel me cum inside me.

I begin rocking in and out of her up faster and faster, from the position we are in, I am deep in her, filling her. I thrust harder and faster as she begs me to cum. Finally I fill her pussy with my milky essence. I pull myself out and get off her. She reaches down and runs a finger through her lips then licks it off completely. I kiss her deeply. We embrace until our hearts slow and we remember where we are. We giggle, get dressed and fall into a conversation as we have a history of doing.

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