Happy New Year  

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1/2/2006 9:07 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Happy New Year

I扉e been surfing the net,
with a view to educating myself on
the views of people especially men on
their roles in sex and how they percieve their
members in that role.
What a dissapointment is all i can say.
Anyway this space is dedicated to men who
are not afraid to let the world know what they扉e got and just how to use it!

In this New Year 2006 lets please our woman
in ever increasing ways, and lets not be selfish or intimidated.

I myself have a 5 incher fully erect, and i promise you this although i am small compared to some i have completley surprised myself at the intensity of some of the orgasms that i have been partly responsible for.

Here愀 the rub, I can愒 wait to be given the opertunity to make my lover explode like that again, in fact i strive for it as without it, she愀 left wanting and i惴 unfulfilled.

Friends whether you扉e just used mere imagery, or dills or your dick or even any number of combinations to make her explode.

There is just no better sight than the look of a woman who is satisfied by you and your techniques!

Go forth and make it work!!

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