in a frock...  

rm_macmorig 63M/63F
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8/13/2006 5:02 am
in a frock...

another grey sunday, why do I feel the need to set down thoughts in print when its a rainy day?
Drove back from London to go play with the man this afternoon, but all was cancelled, something came up and I was not responsible!!
So there I am all clean and smooth, looking delicious and fuckable and I have to ramp it down and go to Tesco for bread and carrots, ah well, it's off with the red,red lipstick and on with some decent underwear,(instead of the indecent!) top off the whole thing by putting on a fleece, as it's too cold to go shopping in a frock!

it will wait 4 another time, I'm going nowhere and there is only this one I would play with on his own, we dont mind parties or threesomes when the chance arises... but for now....dream on in Tesco LOL

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