hot chocolate  

rm_macmorig 62M/62F
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8/20/2006 9:22 am
hot chocolate

it's not that I can't/wont write on any other day, but sunday I always remember to do it! Must be after the night before, always wake up horny on a sunday

Saw snakes on a plane just now, real jump out of your seat, clutch your neighbour stuff and really gruesome SEs! now everyones gonna think they can land a 747 after a few hours logged on their playstation 2!I dont think so....

product placement in that movie was immense, we even got the mile high club being joined by snakes, they took a long noisy while dying , sounding like a real big multi O.....!

Speaking of which, how many men are there out there who can do that, multi O that is, and how many take it for granted? (..'isnt everybody like that'...?)

there is something so bloodcurdlingly sexy about snakes, must be their shape, cos it isnt their temperature or the pleasure they give!

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