The Sex in a long term relationship......  

rm_ma454mike 52M
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8/22/2006 7:36 am

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The Sex in a long term relationship......

Why does it seem that after one has been with a partner for a long time, certain things start to fade.

My last partner was great at all aspects of sex when we first met. She was one of the few who actually had a sex drive to match mine.

When we first met and eventually fell in love, it was all about pleasing one another with sex. Then after a year or two she proclaims that she just (like most other women) really hated the act of giving head.

Do women really hate this?

Do they only do it to try and make their man happy?

Should a man have to actually almost beg for the person they are in a relationship for it?

2daycowboywanted 45F

8/22/2006 8:14 am

Nope, nope and nope to all three questions. Well then again I cant speak for everyone. Some women love to give head as well as have sex. Others cant wait until the other person passes out so they can finally go to bed.

I happen to enjoy sex - the whole experience. If I have a partner who doesnt agree then there is no sense in hanging around it will eventually turn stale and make me into a mean, horny B*TCH. Not pleasant to be around.

menopausemember 51F
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8/22/2006 8:26 am

I second what 'Frnds4Play' said "... cum comes in flavors. That what a man eats before hand affects the taste of his cum and that cum comes in different thicknesses." This is so true!
now also for me, I like giving head when I want to, I don't like being begged or forced to give head under any conditions...I can also tell u that when I am getting head that I almost always have to move around to the 69 position...unless that someone smells or taste bad...
think sweet juices
and less veggies when u want head
and let it be her idea and not urs...
good luck!

rm_ma454mike 52M
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8/22/2006 2:07 pm

Well, like I said, at first, she would go down on me from time to time. But as the relationship continued, she seemed to be less and less willing to the point where I would ask but once and usually didn't get any.

I always made sure to shower before heading to the bedroom to initate sex.

I always made sure to go down on here quite a bit. even when she didn't even have to ask.

I think she just used the ( most women hate it ) as a cop-out or an excuse to just not do it.

I always felt that in a relationship where both admitted their love for each other, having to ask for certain sexual things didn't have to happen

By the time two people are together for several months, they should know what each other craves and what buttons to tickle to get them off either slowly or quickly.

rm_ma454mike 52M
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8/22/2006 2:11 pm

2daycowboywanted. I like the way you think and your response.

rm_cuteCkitty 39
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9/8/2006 4:21 am

HERES UR ANSWER 4 THE LAST TIME MA454MIKE ILL SAY IT.......this time listen to the answer instead of asking and
not hearing it. I do and don't enjoy giving head. AND also yes I know what my PARTNER craves and what buttons
2 push BUT PARTNER seem to be all about him because even though I have said my craves and how to push my buttons
he still didn't seem to either understand it or care bout me to do it.
Ive enjoy a WHOLE lot more sexual activities then what my PARTNER and i had done so far. Ive had 3somes 4somes swapping
photographing, watching, tying up, spankings, choking, torturing, food, candle wax and MANY MANY different sexual
techniques and places. I'm very addicted to sexual encounters and I have a desire to try everything I can think of when it come to the
art of sex. I wanted to share many different sexual experiences with my PARTNER when he managed to stumble on what
triggers my sexual deviant side.
I do enjoy giving head, deep throating and swallowing so much 2 were its orgasmic for me when PARTNER treat me like I'm the
most special thing to my partner,
cherished by him, sensually rubbing down my body whether with his hands or even better the tips of the petals of a
single rose down the back of my neck following down the arch of my back as he softly kisses following the path of the rose.
STUFF LIKE that is what my partner lacked in attempting/displaying. At least 1/2 the time he should have attempted to try
things like that. There's a sexual art technique to it with some of us. Stuff that would make me feel loved, cherished
and make me feel like I'm being treated like a woman should feel "soft, delicate, desired, loved". I do not enjoy it
when his actions say "ok, here it inmate have at it" all the time! It felt like i could get more passion and love out of a
then what i was getting from my partner!!!! When I'm treated n touched correctly it draws a desire to please n satisfy my
partner, even to be obedient to his commands n wish even without him asking for anything. I would aim to serve him well
in any and all issues sexually and non-sexually. Heck i did not even get a holiday/birthday/valentines card from my
partner for almost 4 years of our relationship much less a romantic attempts. Just showed me my partner did not
appreciate nor love me enough to at least try! I'd have gone out of my way in every way if i would have received the
little things like that, or even an attempt from from my partner. Even attempts I would
of felt appreciated/loved. My partner knows i can satisfy sexually in every
way. Partner knows I can be a complete hard core freak to sensually passionate. My desire to please him seemed to as you put it FADE.
"because at 1st when it was new he had my full attention and desire to pleasure him in every way possible. But as time
went on i started to feel that i wasn't important to him. The little things like a rose whether its real or cloth, or card
, or even a small $0.50 lil stuff teddy bear every now n then screams out loud hey i love you and I was think of bout
you. Thats how my partner can have and keep the most extreme sexual encounters with me. Along with other things involved in
a relationship including wanting to share my time with partner and would Have made me want to join in on my partners
So in order to be worshiped and pleasured from me, all PARTNER has to do every now and then is display/attempt to
show me romance, cherished, and appreciation. (Make me feel like a woman should feel and be treated) This is the last
time i'll say it, PARTNER! If partner cant figure it out by reading it, well then Ive tried every way I can think of to
explain it to partner without having to hit him with it written on a 2X4 board. Oh and 1 more thing PARTNER, me being in love
with my PARTNER is still very strong and would love to be able to fulfill his desires. So its not to late yet to receive
what PARTNER wanted from me. If partner truly wants me to fulfill his desires with sexual and non-sexual issues, he'll have to
to put effort in to my needs also. I really am very much in love with PARTNER and there's no one more important to me then him.

rm_cuteCkitty 39
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9/8/2006 6:08 am

2daycowboywanted. I enjoy the whole experience of sex a great deal. I love giving head, deep throating and swallowing, but can only enjoy it if i feel loved, charished, and appresiated by him. Those feels are what makes it soooo enjoyable because then i desire to pleasure him which in turn is one pleasure for me.
But when he begs for it, its a turn off. And he has not shown me in just some little ways that he was thinking of me, loved, charished, and appresiated by him. Well it then becomes not enjoyable for me to do for him.

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