A house fire really does not smell like roses!  

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8/8/2006 9:28 pm

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2/9/2007 9:54 pm

A house fire really does not smell like roses!

And the smell lingers and lingers, and get in your stuff.

We had a fire in our house the 26th of July. But, I have to say I am very proud of our kids! Our oldest got her two younger siblings dressed and herded out of the house in record time, while I called 911 and my husband tried to smother the thing.

No such luck. It kept getting air through the other holes around the burners. If that doesn't say something about how great the newer solid top electric stoves are, I don't know what would!

I have to say that I have apreciated all my friends prayers, and offers of help if they can, and well wishes! Just knowing that ya'll are thinkin of me is really a help, in itself!

I will be so very glad when we finally get things really started on their way to being back to normal. It has really been tiring trying to deal with insurance, try and help our kids get through the aftershocks of the fire, and try to salvage as much of our clothes and such as we could.

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