dirty cousins plus alcohol equals HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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6/19/2006 10:44 am
dirty cousins plus alcohol equals HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the eve of my b-day two years ago, I met two cousins. we'll call them Corienne and Jen. These two girls grew up in the country, so as country girls go, they were very open minded to sex. That particular day, we had all agreed to meet at my house for what we called Jager-night. Which we all know is drinking Jaggermaister until you r silly. There was about 8 people at my house that evening, so we bougt 1 gal. of the delish cocktail, and a case,(thats 24 for those who don't know), of Monster energy drinks, my favorite. We began drinking at about 12:00 noon, since it was a saturday, yes some of us work on saturday. We grilled out hamburgers and brats, and drank a whole lot of beer. At some point in the evening hours, we began playing cards, which turned somehow to a sexual version of poker. Namely the famed strip poker. Many people didn't want to play, and some girls were embarrased, so we migrated to one of the bedrooms. Inhibittions were checked at the door, because once we got in there, the cards were the last ones getting touched. After an orgylike makeout session, the two other couples made their way to other more secluded spaces. At which point I was left with who else, but the two cousins. They both wanted to fuck, but not together, they thought it was dirty. So I put my master plan in action. I played the "I'll be right back" game. And thanks to Jager. IT WORKED. I took Jen to the basement where the second living room was, And Corienne to the bedroom upstairs where it all started. I went downstairs, nd fucked Jen for about 15 min. Then proceeded upstairs, changing condoms on the way, to fuck Corienne for another 15 min. This went on for about two hrs. The jagger was wearing off by this time, but I must say, It was one of the best exercise workouts I had. Between the stairs, the fucking, and the drinking, I was fast asleep by 4 am. To this day, both of those girls do not know what happened that day. They remember the sex, just not the whole story. I still talk to them to this day, and we r still close, but they live in Mi and I live in Fl.

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