My Thoughts on Forgiveness  

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8/13/2005 12:32 pm

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My Thoughts on Forgiveness

Forgiveness is very hard to do when one has hurt or betrayed your relationship.
However, you know in your heart when to trust that forgiveness and work though problems.

No one has lived a perfect life not making mistakes toward another whether it be your parents, friends, lover/spouse. Over time we too went through the process of growing up and weeding through actions that were not acceptable.

In this, I believe we can understand others when they fail in being loyal, respectable and honest toward the relationship with you.

Each situation is different and one has to weigh the possibility of "is this person going to do this to me again? and do I wish to get over the transgression and show the unconditional love by giving and trying to trust once more?"

Trust can be had over time ONLY when the transgressor has shown that they have changed and won't disrespect the relationship, no matter the temptations.

Building a relationship is very hard when two people come together not knowing the values and structure of the moral makeup of the other fully.

You always think after many months of talking and getting to know one another that you do know the person however, until you live with the person and both have to adjust to the other completely, do you find that there are things not said and/or perhaps missed along the line.

In all honesty, no one likes to show the "bad" " side of the past failed relationships and is "trying" to put the "best foot forward" in starting this new one.

I am rambling, however, what I really want to say is that no matter the relationship, if you don't have respect for yourself and give that loyalty, honesty, commitment to your relationship then you can't expect it from the partner.

I believe in un-conditional love however, I don't believe in being one's doormat or nursemaid for the times when they "have to have a place" to satisfy their own ego and self-centeredness. I believe people do change with maturity and in a loving atmosphere, no matter how hopeless it may seem. Takes a strong person to hold on while waiting for someone to grow up to your level of maturity.

Then, there are times to be strong and walk away. Whether it is an abusive relationship, loveless relationship, or meaningless relationship. It may be very hard to do however;
there is a time to stop being one's mental, verbal, physical bunching bag.

Always remember,
"Actions speak louder than words"
No matter how sweet and sincere the words may sound.

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