First encounter  

rm_luxure75 36M
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3/7/2006 3:39 am

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3/9/2006 2:44 am

First encounter

So, tonight, I met J. and Y. the friends of my girl as she asked them to care of me during her trip. That was the second time I met them since a friends' party.

We went to a Japanese-style restaurant where you sit on the floor with your legs under the table. The food was quite good and inexpensive (as well as the umeshuu). But that was only a part of the delightment of this dinner. For, as we were eating, we started talking about what I was suspecting... Regarding to what I heard before, it seems that they were quite open-minded and that the girl likes when they are more than two. It was done little by little as it wasn't really easy to talk about it straightly.

However, with the nihonshuu bottles getting empty and the food being good, discussions became more and more around that topic. So, close to the end of the dinner, I was sure. They were having some threesome or 4-some from time to time, depending on the people they could meet. Of course, they asked me whether I would like to join someday. Of course, I replied yes! But they both know that my girl isn't enjoying it (actually, we never did it together). A kind of dilemma. To what Y. replied by grabing my legs (she was sitting on my side).

To tell the truth, I became hard quite immediately. And she noticed it... She quickly exchanged a wink with J. who replied with a smile. And then, it was time for dessert! She slowly unzip my pant and pull my lollypop out of it, with a "kawaii" that made all three laugh. Then, she started shaking it slowly. But I was really excited as you can be in a public place... She askes me whether I would like her to suck it but, a bit stressed by the waiters going around the room, I denied (why? I am stupid) and she started shaking it faster and faster. After maybe one or two minutes of happiness. I just came on her hands. She licked one and offered the other to J. who licked it until the last drop too. They immediately decided to leave as they have a sayonara party somewhere in town...

Outside, at the time to say good bye, Y. came to me, pressed my dick and said 'next time, it will be in my mouth'. Ahh, I'm looking forward to that next time!

rm_muzawir 41M
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3/7/2006 5:54 pm

pls call me to join with the girls, I will be very happy,

rm_luxure75 36M

3/8/2006 5:58 am

Actually, there was only one girl, Y. J. is her boyfriend!

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