Wonders never cease  

rm_luvwillie 84M
89 posts
6/23/2006 1:35 am
Wonders never cease

Switched to broadband,
what a marvel, crank phone call cum thru, when I least expect them.
and your call I'm waiting for.
You can call and no longer will you
get that busy signal that has been prevalent, in the past. Gone with the winters snow, Wish we had some for these hot days. Thinking
of skinny dipping and nudists parks, where its cool and unfettered, The freedom, of swimming without a suit, I wear my birthday suit now, in the house to stay cool. So don't be surprised if you drop over and I'm naked. Just
getting ready in advance--in hope that I will see you today in your birthday suit too,
its so much prettier than mine.

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